Williamson Park Sundial – August Winner

Williamson Park Sundial, Williamson Park Sundial – August Winner

The Williamson Park Sundial

Did you guess where Otto visited on the 1st August? Well if you guessed correctly you’ll know that the answer was the Williamson Park Sundial, or to be more exact, the analemmatic sundial. We could not accept just ‘Williamson Park’ but we accepted ‘The Band Stand in Williamson Park’ which was what that area originally used to be.


Williamson Park Sundial Facts

So what did Otto learn between figuring out the time of day from his shadow?

  • Well, in 1907 the Lancaster Band Stand was built, and then in July 2000 it was transformed into the Sundial we know now.
  • The Williamson Park Sundial opened on Saturday 15th July 2000.
  • The sundial was cast in bronze by Ray Schofield, with the help of students from Ripley St. Thomas School in Lancaster. The pupils designed the plaques, used as hour points, with drawings of the local area.
  • It was calibrated and laid out by Peter Ransom, teacher of Mathematics.
  • The sundial is known as an analemmatic sundial. This means the sundial consists of hour points, rather than lines, laid around an ellipse.
  • The Lancaster Sundial is one of the biggest in the country and with impressive views over the city of Lancaster and Morecambe Bay, is must surely have one of the best views too.


And The August Winner Is…

So this time we had just 6 correct entries, and using a random number generator, it’s time to announce the winner…*drum roll please*…

And so, the August Winner of £100 of LPC Furniture Vouchers goes to: LAURA MORRIS!

Congratulations Laura Morris! And thank you to everyone who entered. Otto would like to remind you that they’ll be another chance to guess Where’s Otto? and another great chance of winning £100. Watch this space next month on the 1st September (and, as always, keep a look out on our facebook page!)


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