Plank Triple Combination Wardrobe

  • Crafted in the UK from Canadian timber to an exclusive LPC design.
  • Hand stained and waxed.
  • Made entirely from wide planked solid pine.
  • Rough sawn and hand waxed for a beautiful rustic finish.
  • Bespoke furniture available in matching Plank style – any shape, size or design made just for you.

Tiverton Double 4ft 6 Bed

  • Beautifully painted, available in light grey or white
  • Country look
  • Oak chunky top
  • Cup handles

Durham Painted 3 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe

  • Beautifully painted
  • Contemporary country look.
  • Featuring chunky oak tops.
  • Triple Door with 2 Drawers Robe

Edinburgh Large TV Unit

  • Natural Finish
  • Contemporary country look.
  • Edinburgh Range.

Kleo Desk

  • Truly unique desk with drawers.
  • Hand-crafted from dismantled boats.
  • Reclaimed wood and strong steel.

Lincoln Large TV Unit

  • Lime Wash Top
  • Modern Design
  • Chrome Cup Handles
  • Excellent Value

Tiverton Large TV Unit

  • Beautifully painted, available in light grey or white.
  • Contemporary rustic look.
  • Featuring chunky lime-washed oak.
  • 2 drawer, 2 shelves and 1 glass panel cupboard.