Where’s Otto? The New Game!

Wheres Otto? The New Game!

Otto has decided to spice up the old Where’s Otto game! Instead of guessing the location, you are now guessing his position (or head position to be more exact!). Each month we will show a picture with 5 circles, one marking out Otto’s head, who has been removed from the picture. Your job is to guess which one is the correct head position. For more details head over to our facebook page (remember to LIKE to enter!)


This was the photo for March – did you enter? If so did you guess the correct answer number 4? We thought that might have tricked a lot of you! Scroll Down to see Otto sneakily on our table.

spot the otto


Here is Otto on the table, showing us head position No. 4 was correct.

spot the otto REVEAL

He’s a sneaky office dog! So now you know the game, fancy entering? It runs for a week, starting on the 1st of every month.

To see the current game simply head over to our facebook page, and Otto wishes you Good Luck!