Velvet Sofas : The Epitome of Elegance

Velvet Sofas

Velvet has always been vogue.  A velvet sofa spreads luxury to the room it’s placed in, after all nothing says opulence and luxury more than a bit of velvet.

Whilst simple, Scandinavian styled sofas have taken the western world by storm, the timeless velvet chesterfield has still managed to keep a firm grip on the sofa world.


Why? Perhaps because they’re sophisticated yet snugly, and utterly timeless. Perhaps people are bored of  simple lines and minimalistic design. Perhaps people have fallen in love with jewel tones. Or perhaps people want a sofa that looks beautiful and demands attention, following the words of wisdom of William Morris; “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

velvet chairs and sofa

Who knows? We haven’t done a survey at LPC Furniture, but what we do know is our British suppliers have been falling over themselves in trying to show off their various styles and shaped sofas in velvet, or velvet styled fabrics.

Practical Yet Elegant

Many of these sofas can be purchased in ‘velvet styled’ fabrics that look and feel as soft as velvet, yet don’t need the special cleaning that real velvet sofas would need. So yes, you can have the expensive look of luxury and yet not cry bloody murder if someone was to spill a drop of juice on your sofa’s arms.


Tetrad Velvets

The Tetrad Velvet Collection is an exquisite range of traditional sofas and chairs upholstered in the exclusive Oscar Velvet.

Beautifully hand-crafted in Lancashire, this collection oozes comfort luxury.


Mix & Match with Alexander James


These jewel toned chairs and loveseats are from Alexander & James; a fresh faced designer sofa company, rooted in a Great British furniture heritage. Born of 120 years of specialist knowledge in furniture design, their sofas are created, as expected, by upholstered furniture experts.


Carnival Collection

Are you the type that prefers the bold, modern designs? Then try how about the Carnival collection from Ashley Manor?

Velvet Carnival Corner Sofas

A collection of accent chairs & footstools, upholstered in a mix of sumptuous vibrant velvets.

Velvet Jamboree Armchair

The Jamboree Corner Sofa is definitely an eye-catching piece with its bold and vibrant colourful mix of velvets.

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