Top Ten Products of 2013

Top Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013

LPC Furniture’s Top Ten Products of 2013

We discuss the top ten most popular products of the year so far, have a look and see if any of these pieces are in your home!

10. Borwick Display CabinetTop Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013

At number 10 in our Top Ten is the Borwick Display Cabinet. Our limited range Borwick has been especially popular this year, so popular in fact that we decided to expand the range. The Borwick display cabinet received a lot of the attention, so we asked our customers what they liked about it:

“…The simplicity of this display cabinet would suit my other living room furniture”

“I don’t like fussy or frilly furniture – I prefer straight clean lines and simple modern design…”

“It’s contemporary and chunky… just how I like my oak!”


9. Natural Oak blanket boxTop Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013

Blanket boxes have become increasingly popular, perhaps due to the number of period dramas on television, or perhaps because they offer both elegance and practicability.

Whether the blanket box is for tidying up your linen or to used as a toy box for the children, a blanket box suits the décor of almost any room and adds a beautiful focal point to your bedroom. What’s more the Natural Oak gives this piece of oak furniture a wholesome yet contemporary feel. What’s not to love about our Natural Oak Blanket Box?


8. Natural Oak Cheval MirrorTop Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, are you, my mirror, fairest of them all? Well according to our customers it would appear yes, the Natural Oak Cheval Mirror is the fairest – or at the very least the most popular of them all!


7. Natural Pine 3ft Tall Cupboard BookcaseTop Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013

Part of the Natural Pine range, the Natural Pine 3ft Tall Cupboard Bookcase is hand-crafted in the UK from Canadian Yellow Pine to an exclusive LPC design. Our bookcases have been very popular this year, but this particular bookcase receives special interest due to the practical tall cupboard and well-loved traditional and classic design.

It is the practically and elegant design of this bookcase, that lends itself to become either a strong focal point or a more subtle and understated piece of furniture. It has the ability to be placed in manner of different rooms, adding to its flexibility. It’s popularity therefore, comes down to the difficulty of finding fault with this fine piece of pine furniture!


6. Natural Chunky oak 5 drawer Top Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013 Wellington

This slim and sleek Natural Chunky Oak Wellington is made from solid American White Oak and hand-crafted in the U.K to an exclusive LPC Furniture design.

The main reason why this particular tall Wellington is so well-liked, is its ability to offer maximum storage from minimal space. Brilliant for smaller bedrooms and especially for balancing a petite room with a high ceiling.

Sometimes subtle details are all it takes for a piece of furniture to go from a practical asset to an elegant piece of art – and in the case of the Natural Chunky Oak range, the extra thickness but delicate handles proves the point.


5. French Oak Double 4ft6 Sleigh BedTop Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013

Halfway in our top ten is our beautiful sleigh bed in French Oak – our most elegant and delicate range of 2013.

The bed is the piece of furniture you will spend the most time using over any other piece of furniture – is it any wonder why we become so picky when it comes to beds? With sleek curves and fine, intricate details, the French sleigh bed was designed to impress, a real statement piece of furniture for your room.


4. Natural Rustic Oak Sideboards

Top Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013

The popularity of both small and medium sideboard in the Natural Rustic Oak range was so similar, selling roughly 50/50, that we felt it was only fair that both sideboards occupy 4th place.

The medium sideboard, with ample space suited to those who needed a large storage solution, or preferred a large sideboard to a display cabinet. Perfect for little cottages or low ceiling rooms, the large chunky sideboard provides a better use for dead space.

The small sideboard on the other hand, suits a room where a bare spot needs something to break up the room and provide extra storage solutions.

Top Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013

Whether small or large, we believe their popularity comes down to their rustic charm and chunky yet sleek design, making them versatile and suiting a wide variety of décor and rooms.




3. Natural Chunky Oak Nest of TablesTop Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013

We wrote a blog about the popularity of Nest of Tables not so long back (ah, here it is! so it’s not surprising that nests are in our top ten list.

The 3in1 Natural Chunky Oak tables prove to be the favourite of the nests, mainly due to its popular chunky form, modern stain and sleek design.


2. Natural Chunky Oak LARGE TV Unit Top Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013

We told you the natural chunky oak range was popular, so it should come to no surprise to find another chunky oak piece making an appearance so high up in our list – the Natural Chunky Oak Large TV Unit.

With plenty of storage and cupboard space, and a big surface for even the largest of television sets, this modern looking, chunky solid oak piece of furniture, keeps your electronics tidy and easily accessible.


1. Natural Rustic Oak Corner TV UnitTop Ten, Top Ten Products of 2013

…And at number one is our Natural Rustic Oak Corner TV Unit! Perhaps the popularity is due to the trend of corner TV units, which can be angled to suit most living rooms, or perhaps it is the rustic charm that makes it this unit so popular? Most likely, it is a mixture of both, plus the modern sleek edges and timeless classic design.  Whatever the reason, the Natural Rustic Oak Corner TV Unit is a big hit, and we will see if it remains so for 2014!