The Westmorland County Show

westmorland county show, The Westmorland County Show

The Westmorland County Show is Cumbria’s largest one day show and certainly one of the oldest, given that the Society was founded in 1799 and is still going from strength to strength 214 Shows later.

We were overjoyed that LPC Furniture was taking part in the Westmorland County Show, it was our first appearance but it certainly won’ be our last! Known for its premier “shop window” for a taste/try and buy experience, the Westmorland County Show has a genuinely relaxing and laid back atmosphere. It’s an excellent place for people from all walks of life to meet, socialise and discuss current and future rural issues, bringing a real sense of togetherness.

We were happily surprised by how many of our customers, new and old, not only recognised us but gave us kind words of praise. Your lovely words were truly appreciated; you reminded us why we started up this company with traditional values in the first place.

Despite the appreciative murmurs over our reclaimed timber collection and the high praises for our bespoke painted range, the real star of the LPC Furniture tent was, (of course) Otto. We don’t think he’s ever received so much cuddling, petting and constant attention in his life! At one point later in the afternoon, after much stroking and patting by a coach of school children, he decided he was tired of all the attention, and so walking over to his crate, opening the door by himself, he took himself to bed!

Her Royal Highness, The Countess of Wessex made an appearance, which was the first visit of its kind in a long 214 year history, so a huge honour for the Westmorland County Show.  The show attracted more than 27,000 visitors, a huge feat for any event, and we can’t express how glad we were to be part of it. Thank you to everyone who came, and I hope you enjoy your ‘Where’s Otto?’ Balloons!