The Venus and Cupid Statue – October Winner

Venus and Cupid, The Venus and Cupid Statue – October Winner

 The Venus and Cupid Statue in Morecambe

Did you guess where Otto visited on the 1st October? Well if you guessed correctly you’ll know that he was laying down by the Venus and Cupid statue in Morecambe. We accepted Scalestones Point statue or sculpture for those who knew the area, as well as the Mother and Child statue, the more common name given to the Venus and Cupid statue by locals.


About the Venus and Cupid Statue

So what did Otto learn whilst running round and ducking in and out of the statue on a breezy but sunny day in Morecambe?

  • A Story of Love and LossVenus and Cupid, The Venus and Cupid Statue – October Winner

The Venus and Cupid statue subtitled: Love, the Most Beautiful of Absolute Disasters was designed in 2005 by Lancaster Artist Shane Johnstone. The statue was originally for St Georges Quay in Lancaster but was built instead at Morecambe Bay for the loss of the 24 Cocklers in 2004 in Morecambe Bay.

Johnstone’s Venus and Cupid sculpture is influential of the great British sculpture Henry Moore. Decorated in mosaic tiles, the sculpture of a mother swinging her child has become almost as iconic as the Eric Morecambe statue found further along the promenade.

  • The Perfect Location

The Venus and Cupid statue stands on an area of grass called Scalestone Point, the small promontory of land adjacent to the second tee of the Morecambe golf club, which was formally a mounting emplacement for a large gun covering the approaches to Morecambe Bay during the First World War.

With the most stunning backdrop; the panorama of Lakeland Hills across the beauty of Morecambe Bay, you can understand why professional and amateur photographers alike are often found capturing Venus and Cupid along with the surrounding views at all seasons of the year, in all weathers and at all states of the tide.

  • Seasonal ChangesVenus and Cupid, The Venus and Cupid Statue – October Winner

The statue is susceptible to dressing up during special occasions and seasons. In March 2013, for Downs Syndrone Awareness week, the Venus and Cupid  sculpture was dressed up in a multi coloured stripey body stocking. For a week around Valentine’s Day, pink fluffy wired wings were added to the piece, as well as lantern wings and tinsel during the Christmas period.

  • Local Support

The statue, fondly also known as Mother and Child by locals was almost removed when the Morecambe Council decided against paying the artist £10,000 after the five-year licence on the iconic sculpture came to an end. Luckily a few local residents of Morecambe teamed up and got in contact with the artist. Shane Johnstone said public support had made him change his mind about destroying it.

“People love it. There’s dozens of sculptures along the promenade and two that get talked about – Eric Morecambe and my sculpture,” ~ Shane Johnstone.

To help pay for the statue the supportive residents ran campaigns and fund raisers.  They have now set up a trust; The Venus and Cupid Art Trust ( to make sure the statue remains in its rightful place, for the responsibility of the Venus and Cupid statue lies with the Art Trust and not with the Local Council. Their new mission is to establish a charitable trust to promote and support the arts in Morecambe as well as continue support for the Venus and Cupid landmark.


And The October Winner Is…

So this time we had 19 entries, of which 16 were correct! Using a random number generator, it’s time to announce the winner…*drum roll please*…

And so, the October 2013 Winner of £100 of LPC Furniture Vouchers goes to: ADELE BLACK!

Congratulations! And thank you to everyone who entered. Otto would like to remind you that they’ll be another chance to guess Where’s Otto? and another great chance of winning £100. Watch this space next month on the 1st November and, as always, keep a look out on our facebook page!


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