The Lonesome Pine

The Lonesome Pine

Is This The Real Life? Is This A Pine Fantasy…

An email came in over the weekend, that was quite possibly the funniest and most unusual email we have ever received. One Mr Green has been on the hunt for a pine range that was different from the typical traditional style, wanting instead something more modern in style, and in his search, almost giving up hope, he came across our Brooklyn range. Included with his email was a story, a pine-pun-filled story, and I’m knot joking, it’s really rather good…

The Lonesome Pine

Of all the trees in the forest, Pinewood felt overlooked.

The Lonesome Pine (1)

Why was it that his family alone had to settle for a future as furniture without style, limited to designs described as ‘rustic’, ‘country cottage’, ‘farmhouse’ or ‘traditional’?

The Lonesome Pine (2)

He was a forward-looking kind of tree, with more of an eye for the urban, contemporary, or yes, designer look. Not for him the boring chunky knobs for handles, how about something more adventurous?

The Lonesome Pine (3)

After all, the oak, ash and beech trees leaving for the furniture factories were destined to be shaped into sleek, clean lines. Why should pines have to settle for, er, settles? Or being fashioned into cosy cupboards with twee cornices?

The Lonesome Pine (4)

At best, Pinewood was, well, pining for a better outlook. At worst, he was needled by the way furniture makers and shops stereotyped his family’s wood and seldom branched out into anything more adventurous.

After all, pines had a proud heritage, with even a film studio named after them, the workplace for a galaxy of stars with an output of countless blockbusters. And somehow more civilised than that jumped up place across the pond with its moniker from the pesky, prickly holly.

The Lonesome Pine (5)

He had discussed with his fellow pines in the forest this shunning of their kin by the designers and makers, but they just didn’t seem interested. This coniferous complacency made him all the more frustrated.

Then one day, it came like a refreshing breeze moving gently through the trees. Word that in Lancashire, there was, indeed, a company of craftsmen turning pine into furniture that stood out from the others.

The Lonesome Pine (6)

Pinewood’s bark was bursting with anticipation. This could be just what he had been hoping for. A quick search on the wood-wide web showed it to be true. LPC’s Brooklyn Range had those clean lines, then he noticed the stylish stainless steel handles, with not a boring bun foot or clichéd chunky round handle in sight.

The Lonesome Pine (7)

He knew this was his future. A fir better prospect was in store


Thanks to Mr Green for this wonderful email, and putting massive smiles on our faces, we’ll see you soon!