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When looking for a supplier to fill the gap of upholstery, LPC had tight criteria in place. Firstly, we wanted a business that shares our sense of pride in excellence, fine craftsmanship and making quality furniture. Furthermore, to keep our business local, we felt it necessary that the potential company should be based and manufactured in the U.K, and better still, based in the North West of England. Finally, we needed a supplier whose top quality products come at an affordable price, in order to pass savings on to our customers.

Despite our strict specifications, we were able to find a company in our own county of Lancashire. Established over 45 years ago and known for being one of the finest UK upholstery suppliers today, this avant-garde company goes by the name of TETRAD.


About Tetrad

Tetrad is based round the corner from us in Preston and all Tetrad’s sofas and chairs are manufactured here in the U.K. They use only the best materials and expert craftsmen to meet the highest of standards. All their furniture is made with hardwood frames that are glued, screwed and dowelled to ensure longevity.

Offering a range of suspension options as well as various fabrics, hides and cushion covers; Tetrad ensures you have the ultimate choice when it comes to design and comfort. Tetrad understands that functional seating is all well and good, but you should never have to choose between comfort and style. That’s why Tetrad’s team of designers travel far and wide to keep up with the latest trends and furniture news. Tetrad guarantee to offer the best of both classic and contemporary British design, providing stunning collections and innovative ranges to suit all tastes, to fit any home.


Tetrad’s Harris Tweed Collection

The most recent collection by Tetrad, the collection of upholstery we are most excited about is the Harris Tweed range. Both Harris Tweed and Tetrad are about quality, style and heritage, making them a match made in heaven – or in Britain at least! The classically adored Hebridean cloth, the fabric of choice for many leading designers, is now used for Tetrad’s handsome sofas, chairs and stools.

Combining the warmth and tradition of Harris Tweed with the comfort and innovative design you’d come to expect of Tetrad, produces the type of complimentary upholstery that will sit above the coming and going of trends, a heirloom lovingly passed down for generations.

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Choose Tetrad

When you choose Tetrad, you choose to grace your home with a piece of functional art. You choose comfort and design. You choose to love your furniture rather than merely ‘making do’.

Choose Tetrad.


Shop the Tetrad Harris Tweed Collection online today, or pop into our Morecambe Showroom to see with your own eyes, what all the fuss is about.