Spring Clean Your Wood Furniture

Spring Clean, Spring Clean Your Wood Furniture

It’s that time of year again, when dust bunnies tremble in fear, Marigolds are pulled on and bottles of assorted sprays and liquids are seized from under the sink. I’m afraid we can’t help you with cleaning behind the oven, (although we hear soda crystals do the trick) but we can advise you with your wooden furniture.

Pine Furniture

All our pine furniture has a waxed finish which will require re-waxing at intervals in order to put moisture back into the wood and refresh its appearance.

This is required in order to alleviate potential problems in a centrally heated home which can dry out and in extreme cases split wood. It is important that you ascertain which wax product was used on your furniture on production as most waxes contain a stain which if used, could potentially alter the appearance of your furniture. If in doubt, it is recommended that you either use a test area which is out of sight in order to see what the wax looks like on application or alternatively use a clear wax which will do the same job but will not contain a stain.

We use and therefore recommenced Mylands Traditional Wax Polish. If you are unsure of your stain give us a ring and we can check your order for you. If no staining is required, we recommenced Mylands Traditional Wax Polish Clear Wax. Clear wax is appropriate for all wood furniture, regardless of the type or the colour of wood and gives the wood  a high glossy finish.

Spring Clean, Spring Clean Your Wood Furniture

Care Instructions:


For general cleaning use a duster.

Do not use soap and water or detergents of any kind on this product for cleaning. To maintain the characteristic finish on our furniture, do not use aerosol sprays or any polish containing Silicon. If unsure, try on a hidden area and look for reactions. There is a natural stain and finish on this furniture and it will react to most manmade products.

Spring Clean, Spring Clean Your Wood Furniture


Apply wax to your Pine Furniture once or twice a year and this will help maintain the grain and keep the durability of your Pine Furniture.

Using a soft, clean cloth apply the wax using a circular motion in the same direction as the grain.

This is the case where less is definitely more. Too much wax applied to the finish will make the wood look dull and lifeless. The key to getting the high shine is to apply one coat of wax and buff, buff, buff.

We recommend waxing your furniture every 6 months. This will help the wood resist cracks, plus it’ll keep your furniture looking as lovely as when you first brought it.

Spring Clean, Spring Clean Your Wood Furniture

Fixing Scratches:

Where many shallow scratches are present, apply hard paste wax to the surface with Steel Wool (Grade No. 0000 ), stroking very lightly along the grain of the wood. Then buff the surface with a soft cloth.

Spring Clean, Spring Clean Your Wood Furniture

Oak Furniture

Our Oak furniture has a lacquer finish which requires very little attention as it already has a protective coating on it. The lacquer seals the wood, without stopping it breathing as it only covers the outer facing surface of the wood.

It offers some protection from liquid, hot cups & plates but we would still strongly advise that mats and coasters are used and spills are cleaned off as quickly as possible with a dry cloth. Constant water contact will wear down the lacquer, causing dull areas.

Spring Clean, Spring Clean Your Wood Furniture

Care Instructions:

If the item of furniture is dirty and you cannot remove the mark simply with dusting, you can use a damp cloth but make sure to dry the area thoroughly afterwards.

When dusting it is safe to use an everyday spray polish on this type of furniture as it is a more durable finish.

You can polish our Oak furniture as part of your weekly routine. However do be careful you are not using any harsh chemicals as this could affect the overall finish on your Oak Furniture.

Never use oiled or treated cloths on a lacquered finish as this could remove the hard top layer from your furniture leaving it open to damage.

WARNING: Constant water will wear down the lacquer leaving it dull, which gives a mottled appearance.

Fixing Scratches:

Lacquered furniture once damaged is a little trickier to restore unlike wax finished furniture.

You can use wax crayons in a similar colour available in good hardware stores if a dent appears or chipped lacquer, the wax crayon just needs to be rubbed over the damage and they magically fill and repair the damage it is that simple. However, if the lacquer has started to peel or split for some reason then complete sanding down is required.

The entire piece would need to be stripped as it is almost impossible to patch lacquer. However, once stripped the choice is what colour and finish once more! If you chose to have it re lacquered this is not a job for DIY it will need to be done professionally.


 Dos & Don’ts

Do dust your furniture frequently with a soft, dry cloth.

In the case of waxed furniture, do wax twice a year, either with a Clear Wax or Colour Wax to enhance the sheen and stop the timber drying out.

Don’t use a silicon based polish as over time they will leave a deposit on the unit and as with other polishes always spray onto the cloth rather than directly onto the product.

Don’t use damp cloths on waxed furniture especially with detergents or dishwater on them.

Do use a mat or pad when writing on paper on the furniture to avoid leaving indentations or marks on the surface.

Do use place-mats and coasters.

Do wipe up any spills immediately

On extending tables do note that spillages may drip through onto the extension leaf if stored underneath where it could sit and damage its surface.

Don’t place vases directly on the surface may cause condensation underneath so always use mats and be careful of leaking vases!

Do move table top ornaments around regularly to avoid sunlight discolouration.

Don’t place furniture next to strong heat sources such as fires and radiators.

Don’t drag furniture as this could weaken joints or damage leg fittings.

The team at Lancashire Pine and Oak Furniture hope that your furniture gives you many years of pleasure. If we can be of any further help either advising on existing furniture of ours or adding to your collection from our Pine, Oak, Ash or bespoke ranges then please contact us.

Please note wooden furniture is a living piece so be careful where you place it, not too close to heat sources and away from sun light exposure. If you follow these guidelines your piece of furniture will last a lifetime.