Solid Wood Furniture

Solid Wood Furniture, Solid Wood Furniture

Why Is Solid Wood Furniture The Best Choice?

Solid wood furniture is durable, beautifully crafted and the perfect choice for you home…but we would say that. So here are Seven Solid reasons why you should believe us:

1. Solid Wood Furniture Saves You Money In The Long Term.

It’s always tempting to save money by choosing cheaper materials, such as plastic, MDF and flat pack furniture, but in the long run, you’ll end up paying more. Inferior furniture won’t last as long, it will fall apart and ultimately you’ll have to spend money replacing your furniture.

2. Solid Wood Furniture Can Easily Be Updated.

With a lick of paint or a can of beeswax, your solid wood furniture can be refinished, repainted or new drawer pulls/accessories updated. No need to buy brand new furniture when you can give your older furniture a brand new look.

3. Solid Wood Furniture Is Strong & Resilient

If durability is a real worry for you, then look no further than a solid hardwood. Hardwood such as Oak stays in great shape, can withstand the odd scratch, and can easily be polished and repaired if problems occur. Some people even prefer to let their marked or knocked solid wood furniture go untreated because it adds history and memories to the piece.

4. Solid Wood Furniture Is Eco-Friendly

Throwing out old furniture because it was cheap and didn’t stand the test of time is not only a waste, it harms the environment. LPC feel strongly about the protection of the environment and only use companies who feel the same way. No need to feel guilty when you’re buying solid wood furniture from us because you won’t be chucking out a timeless treasure, and you know the materials used, have been ethically sourced and FSC approved.

5. Solid Wood Furniture Is Unique To You.

Solid wood furniture is hand crafted, which means you really do own something exclusive and individual, something that can be passed down from generation to generation as a quality family heirloom.

6. Solid Wood Furniture Is Timeless

It’s no surprise solid wood furniture gains antique status more than any other material. It can improve with age as well as add value in monetary terms.  Solid wood furniture rides above the coming and going of trends and can suit any style of interior. There’s no beating beauty in solid wood.

7. Solid Wood Furniture Is A Genuine Investment And Will Last You A Lifetime.

Unique, practical, beautiful furniture crafted by hand, to last a lifetime. When it comes to buying furniture, what’s there to think about? View all our solid Pine furniture, or if you prefer hardwood, see our complete Oak collection.