Reclaimed Timber Furniture

Reclaimed Timber Furniture, Reclaimed Timber Furniture

The Story of Old Reclaimed Timber Furniture

Did you know…your sideboard could have come from a 200 year old mill? Reclaimed Timber Furniture, Reclaimed Timber Furniture

Reclaimed Timber is essentially wood taken for re-use. We take reclaimed timber from decking rescued from old barns, warehouses and old mills. These buildings often have no economic or re-use value and can be a fire hazard, normally requiring varying degrees of environmental clean-up.


Did you know…old timber is more stable than newly cut wood?

Reclaimed timber is popular for many reasons: the wood’s unique appearance, its eco-friendly and green contributions, the curious story and history of its origins, and of course, the wood’s physical characteristics: strength, stability and durability.  It’s also popular due to its stability over newly cut wood. Reclaimed timber has been exposed to expansion and contraction for over a century in their previous installation, which means it becomes less reactive to radiant heat than other woods. This is because the antique timber has already been through this cycle for years, making it much more stable wood.


Did you know…it has become harder to find quality timber?

The increased strength of reclaimed wood is often attributed to the lack of air pollution that existed in up until the 20th century, as well as the wood often being harvested from virgin growth timber, which saw hundreds of years before man touched them. Due to all these attributes and the longer exposure to changes in humidity, reclaimed timber tends to be stronger than newly cut wood, which makes it more sought after.


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