Quality Bespoke Furniture – Rawtenstall

We know that often when looking for the perfect piece of furniture for your home that it can be challenging trying to find what you have been imagining. At LPC, we are confident that if our extensive range doesn’t meet your requirements, our custom handmade furniture will. Having designed bespoke furniture, Rawtenstall and beyond, for over 30 years, our awareness of detail and quality of service can meet all projects.

Bespoke Furniture – Rawtenstall Homes

When searching for a new piece of furniture for your home, keeping in mind the overall style that you are going for is crucial. Here at LPC, we consider everything that goes into building truly unique furniture. This could range from trying to unify traditional and trendy styles present in your kitchen, or even just that you would like a wardrobe that is the correct size for your bedroom. With our knowledge of various styles along with an supportive team, we can make your furniture vision a reality.

We understand just how important the details are when it comes to customised furniture and this is why we guarantee a service that is as bespoke as our furniture. As a family-run business we understand the smaller factors that make a house a home. Having built bespoke furniture – Rawtenstall and across the UK – for decades, we are aware of every variation of living and dining room you could envision. Our designers, for every new piece of furniture, build upon this foundation of experience with a level of detail that only comes with LPC.

, Quality Bespoke Furniture – Rawtenstall

Personal Service For Personalised Furniture

We believe that working with the right designers is the most vital first step towards accomplishing any personalised furniture project. It is hugely important to feel open enough to share and develop your ideas with the person designing and building your bespoke furniture. This is something we do not underestimate.

Whether you have specialist knowledge or not, our team will guide you at every stage in creating your perfect piece of furniture. This could be through a process of altering pieces of furniture that you like from our range or it could be starting with nothing in mind. In either case, we approach every project with an unparalleled enthusiasm at LPC. Our expertise and encouraging service style means that we are familiar with a variety of challenges with a meticulous level of craftsmanship developed by years of experience.

Getting In Touch

Come and visit us for a consultation to have a chat about your bespoke furniture project for your Rawtenstall home. Our 20,000sq/ft Morecambe showroom houses all of our designs so that you can see them in person. You will be sure to receive a helping hand from our knowledgable staff when you do. If you would prefer to shop online, we would still be more than happy excited to assist with any queries in branch or over the phone. To find out more about our bespoke furniture or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch.