Perfectly Painted Furniture

perfectly painted furniture

Why Painted Furniture?

When we think about decorating and adding colour to our homes, we tend to focus on the walls and on fabrics, leaving furniture as an after-thought. You can turn this mindset on it’s head by leaving the walls plain (think whites, creams and greys) and instead inject colour to your solid wood furniture. Or, if you already have enough colour in your room, opt for white painted furniture to give a truly fresh and cleansing feel to your living space.

winerack painted furniture white

Above: LPC Furniture Painted Options Range Winerack.

By painting furniture pieces you can inject personality and interest to your décor, without having to touch the walls. This is an added bonus if you’re thinking of selling your home. You can leave your rooms a blank canvas for potential buyers, and take all your beautifully painted furniture with you.

Furniture Trends

Many say that ‘painted furniture’ is a trend, a fad, but people have been painting furniture for hundreds of years, and will continue to do so. Of course, as proud makers of beautiful solid wood furniture ourselves, we don’t advocate painting a rare antique mahogany piece from the 18th Century!

Yet painted furniture can, and is often beautiful. It’s not about hiding the grain or ‘flaws’ it’s about finishing your furniture in the colour of your choice.

painted furniture 4

Spectacularly colourful furniture adds extra pop, and can go with almost any style. Whether your style is bold and bright or soft and subtle, a freshly painted dresser, chair or wardrobe will revive your interiors and introduce a splash of your favourite hues to your home.


painted furniture 2

Do It Yourself or Made For You?

Transform your own furniture with our ranges of paints designed for wood, or we can supply you with an individual solid pine piece tailored to your requirements. Our experience furniture finishes can give you a professional painted finish, or you can buy our furniture ‘in the white’ and have a go at painting yourself.

painted furniture 1

Ideas & Inspiration

Need inspiration? Take a look at some of our custom furniture, spray painted by our furniture finishers, for various customers.

Painted Furniture LPC 1

Painted Furniture LPC 5


Painted Furniture LPC 3

Painted Furniture LPC 2

If you want any advice or would like to take a look at our painted finishes, pop in to your local LPC Furniture shop and see what we can do for you.

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