Otto in Lapland

otto in lapland, Otto in Lapland

Where’s Otto this Christmas? In Lapland Apparently….

Otto won’t be around January 1st because he’s going on an adventure for a month this Christmas. He calls this adventure: ‘Otto in Lapland’. Well it’s not local, but it’s certainly festive…

Where’s Otto?

Our facebook fans will know all about our ‘Where’s Otto?’ competition, where on the 1st of every month we post a picture of our mischievous office dog Otto on an outing to a well-known local place. You have 1 week to enter with your guess, then we put all the correct entries into a hat to be drawn. The winner receives a £100 LPC Voucher!

Otto in Lapland!

This Christmas, however, Otto is in Lapland! Otto has decided to take a month off to do a work experience placement in Lapland, under Santa Claus’ close supervision. He’ll be helping the reindeers pull the sleigh, (and eat their carrots) checking who’s be naughty and nice, over-seeing the elves in the workshop aren’t up to mischief and making sure the furniture is ready for customers who pre-ordered!

He’s decided to stay there for the month, (he fancies partying at the North Pole for New Year) which means on January 1st there will be no ‘Where’s Otto’ competition running. Otto hopes you all understand that sometimes a dog needs a break!

Back in February

Competition will start again 1st February, when Otto is back, ready to seek out the most interesting of local places! Will you be able to work out Otto’s location? Come February will tell.


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

otto in lapland, Otto in Lapland