More about Otto!

Otto, More about Otto!

Just to keep you all up to date with our latest recruit Otto the office dog, here is a picture of him helping me in the office (he doesn’t like to do much!). He’s now about 12Kg and at 15 weeks about double the size he was when taken on. Only problem is that he hates travelling by car and whilst not sick, his anxiety kicks in and he drools rather a lot! We have tried ginger nut biscuits, travel tablets etc to no effect so any ideas are more than welcome, please leave a comment if you can offer any help on this matter?!

Also must say that technically Otto is no longer our latest recruit as Steven Ayrey has rejoined us in the workshop after leaving for pastures new a couple of years ago and obviously missed us too much. We’re all pleased to have Steve back to help us keep that furniture flowing out the door.