Moodboard: Victorian Pine Bedroom Furniture

Victorian pine, Moodboard: Victorian Pine Bedroom Furniture

Are you Modern, Classic Chic or Glam?

See which Victorian Pine Bedroom Best Suits You!

When it comes to décor, out of all the rooms in your house, your bedroom should be your favourite room. It’s the first room you see when you wake up and the last room you see before you go to bed. No matter the state of the rest of your house, as long as your bedroom is a sanctuary, you’ll always feel right at home.

How do you go about creating your dream bedroom? Need inspiration? We’ve created three moodboards to help show you what you could achieve with the right colours and styles – despite the same Victorian pine furniture! So which bedroom best suits you; Modern, Classic or Glam?

Victorian Pine Moodboards

We’ve created a few moodboards to show how you can create an idyllic bedroom from our Victorian pine range.  We’ve picked our Victorian range because we’ve recently had customers asking whether it’s modern enough for today’s trends, or whether it would only work if painted. Of course painted pine furniture opens up a huge amount of décor possibilities but we wanted to show how even in its natural state, the grain of the solid wood, waxed to a smooth finish can make the perfect bedroom furniture.

All the furniture illustrated in our moodboards can be found on our website, whilst the upholstery, if not on our website, can be ordered along with the majority of accessories shown.

Modern Victorian Bedroom

First up, contemporary, modern style with a subtle yellow and grey colour scheme.

Victorian pine, Moodboard: Victorian Pine Bedroom Furniture

Featured Furniture:

To go bolder add more canary yellow to your room, such as a dazzling jewel yellow toned chair or footstool. To keep things understated add more greys and whites, or for a light spring/summer feel push more greyed jade or sage colour in the form of fabrics, such as cushions, curtains and throws.

For curtains choose a natural cream light colour or off white, or go bolder with a darker blue/stone.

The great thing about this colour scheme is that the natural wood of the pine furniture fits right in.


Compact Classic Chic Victorian Bedroom

Next is our compact furniture moodboard that uses the classic, well-loved navy and white colour scheme, without the nauseous nautical mania which has been so heavily prevalent in home décor.

Victorian pine, Moodboard: Victorian Pine Bedroom Furniture
Featured Furniture:

Don’t have the space? We have plenty of compact pieces of furniture that look fantastic yet take up very little floor space, as shown above, most notably our 4 Drawer Wellington and Small Gents Robe.

Contrary to popular belief, darker coloured walls don’t make your room look smaller – lack of light does! Fill your room with ample light sources and you’ll find dark papered or painted navy walls look elegant, atmospheric and chic. Prefer it lighter? Complement dark tones with lots of dazzling whites.

To keep it looking from a two-dimensional, add muted rose or desaturated coral pink as shown below, or any colour of your choice on the warmer end of the colour spectrum, just keep the colour discreet so not to clash with the darker navy blue. Also avoid red unless you’re intending for the nautical look.


Glam Chic Victorian Bedroom

Our third and final moodboard is the most glamorous and daring. Rich, dramatic colour with gold hints give this bedroom a sumptuous look.

Victorian pine, Moodboard: Victorian Pine Bedroom Furniture

Featured Furniture:

This hot plum and gold themed bedroom works by mixing gold accessories with deep aubergine and magenta jewel toned fabrics. To keep the dark purples and pinks from overpowering your bedroom make sure to include white and gold into both the wall décor and fabrics.

Plain white or cream curtains would work against strong patterned wallpaper, or keep the walls painted plain and use busy patterned curtains. Floorboards or plain cream carpets keep in with the Victorian furniture and will complement a bold patterned rug.

To tone it down push more white and gold collective coloured fabrics and quiet patterns. To really go glam bring in different textures; fluffy rugs, woollen throws and a few more golden framed mirrors.

Remember not to overdo it though or it’ll go from Glam Chic to Gaudy Cheap! Keep things spacious by storing your clutter in compact drawers and out of sight. Just a few gold statement pieces/ornaments will do on display, the rest of your ‘gold bling’ should be in the form of lamps/lighting, mirrors and fabrics.


Bespoke Victorian Pine

We hope this gives you some inspiration, and showcases just how lovely our Made-in-England Victorian range looks with different colour schemes and styling. Plus, as with all our pine, we can have furniture made to your exact measurements – perfect for those awkward spaces where no piece seems to fit!

If you’d like any more information don’t hesitate to contact us by email [email protected] or pop in to your local shop (Morecambe, Lancaster, Kendal, Windermere) and have a chat with one of our friendly sales staff.