Meet Tim-Baa The Go Herdwick Lamb!

Tim Baa progress (5) (Custom)


LPC Furniture are sponsoring a lamb for Go Herdwick – Calvert Trust Public Art Trail 2016! If you didn’t already know Go Herdwick is a sheep-inspired public art trail in aid of Calvert Trust’s 40th Anniversary fundraising campaign.

Go Herdwick Dates

Rydal, Grasmere, Ambleside, Keswick and Windermere – the 555 bus route – has been  invaded by a flock of life sized decorated fantasy Herdwicks. Herdwick ewes in unexpected places; in parks, in the street, on buildings, in shops, cafes and restaurants – all paying homage to the Herdwick’s iconic home here in the Lake District; and all in the name of the Lake District Calvert Trust

Little lambs will now be part of the charity campaign; there will be 50 lambs spread over two trails to find, decorated by local artists, and all for a great cause. Starts 27th May.

A Good Cause

Money raised will help fund the £1.3m capital redevelopment of Old Windebrowe, the Calvert Trust grade 2 listed farmhouse and tithe barn which is thought to date back to the 1550’s and was once used as a home by William Wordsworth.

The redevelopment will deliver six specialised apartments suitable for stroke survivors and those with acquired brain injuries or physical impairments, including a communal area allowing guests to receive occupational therapy and rehabilitative support on-site. With the additional benefit of being able to access the activities Calvert Trust already run, this will be a unique new service and further develop the Calvert Trust offering.

Welcoming over 3,000 people per year to our residential centre they now have 40 years’ experience in delivering challenging outdoor adventure for those with disabilities.

“The centre gives people with disabilities an opportunity to discover, in safety, what they CAN do, and will help them to get as nearly as possible into the mainstream of life. Our mission is to enable people with disabilities to achieve their potential through the challenge of adventurous activities in the countryside” ~ Calvert Trust.

Our Sponsored Lamb

We chose local Cumbrian artist Marty Strutt to turn our plain little lamb into a work of art. We discussed designs and we’re confident our lamb will be a favourite!

Follow Marty to see his art in action, and find out more about the Go Herdwick Hide & Seek Trails here:

Tim Baa progress (1) (Custom)

Above: A blank canvas.

Tim Baa progress (10) (Custom)

Above: First idea for Tim Baa, based on our pine furniture.

Tim Baa progress (9) (Custom)

Above: Agreed design for Tim Baa, based off our Reclaimed Timber range. However instead of naming him Woody, we’ve gone for Tim-Baa.

Tim Baa progress (11) (Custom)

Above: Marty applies the first layers of paint.

Tim Baa progress (13) (Custom)

Above: The beginnings of the design start to emerge.

Tim Baa progress (4) (Custom)

Above: More progress as wooden detail is added.

Tim Baa progress (2) (Custom)

Above: Much more grain detail added to Tim-Baa, looking fab.

Tim Baa progress (3) (Custom)

Above: Closer look at the Reclaimed Timber design.
Tim Baa progress (5) (Custom)

Above: Last finishing touches added to the front.

Tim Baa progress (8) (Custom)

Tim Baa progress (7) (Custom)

Tim Baa progress (6) (Custom)

Above: Beautifully done, don’t you think? Just needs varnishing.

Tim-Baa in the sun

Above: Finished! Meet Tim-Baa!

Tim-Baa finished and varnished.

The Hide & Seek Trail for the lambs will commence 27th May (all being well!) with our Tim-Baa hidden in our Windermere shop premises!

Visit Go Herdwick for more details.