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Mango Wood

Our NEW Mango Dining and Soho Bedroom range of furniture are gorgeous additions to our store. These pieces have been individually hand-crafted to help enhance the unique characteristics of the mango wood.

About Mango Wood

Mango Wood Sustainability

The fruit trade is one of the oldest in the world, and the demand for fruit is unlikely to waver. Due to the huge demand for the mango, there has always been a large demand for mango trees. When these trees reach maturity, they lose their fruit bearing efficiency and are designated for cutting down.

Maturity usually arrives after 15 to 20 years and by this time, the mango tree will have reached a respectable size – certainly too large to waste. In the past, mango trees were simply cut down and either used as fuel or left to rot, which contributed Co2 emissions as the wood broke down.

Nowadays they are being used as a construction material, most prominently in the furniture industry.

Despite its fine grain, mango wood is extremely receptive to staining and waxing, which serves to accentuate the grain’s patterning. Many furniture manufacturers have taken to staining mango wood to colours reminiscent of teak or oak in an effort to source more sustainable woods. This way, the manufacturers can still produce furniture that looks, feels and acts like oak but doesn’t take as much time to grow and is sourced responsibly as a by-product of a thriving industry.


Advantages of Mango Wood

Mango wood is not only celebrated for its environmental sustainability but also its beautiful grain which captures a variety of rich colours and natural tones that improve with age.

There are many benefits to this wood.  It is a hard wood, which is excellent for making solid furniture that is to be used every day.  This makes it long lasting and hard wearing.  It is also soft enough to work easily with.  

This makes Mango wood great for creating heavy duty pieces, such as beds and tables. When looked after, mango furniture is long lasting and protected against deterioration.


See Our Mango Wood Furniture

To see it for yourself, pop in to our Morecambe shop to see the bedroom range or Windermere shop for the dining range. We hope you like this range as much as we do!mango, Mango Furniture