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Made in Britain

Made in BritainThe Lancashire Pine Furniture Company takes pride in keeping business local. That’s why 99% of our pine furniture and 100% of our bespoke oak furniture is made here in Britain, with the large majority of our oak ranges made to our exclusive Lancashire design. Our sofas come from Tetrad the Preston based upholstery company, and their newest range of exquisite furniture partners them with the renowned Harris Tweed company – a match made in Britain! Where possible we use local businesses to help with the running of our business (e.g printers, sign writers etc) and all of our staff are locally produced! In fact, many members of our team have happily (we think) stayed with LPC for over 10 years.

So why do we believe in keeping our business local? Well, here are our top 10 reasons to buy local, made in Britain goods:

1.      Made In Britain Means Quality Products

Globalisation has opened up many opportunities, but it’s also changed the way businesses think. It’s become about producing the largest amount of products for the cheapest price, never mind if the product isn’t quite up to scratch or if damaging short-cuts are taken. We don’t agree with this mind-set, instead we deliver the best products we can whilst keeping the costs affordable, because after all, if we wouldn’t buy it ourselves, how can we justify selling it to others?

2.      Made In Britain Supports Groups & Organisations

Non-profit organisations receive 250% (see source) more support from smaller business owners than they do from large businesses. From sponsoring youth sports teams to supporting local charitable organisations, when you support your local businesses, they support your local community back, such as our support for YMCA ‘s “Don’t Duck the Issue”, an awareness campaign for homeless people in Morecambe & Lancaster.

3.      Made In Britain Is More Environmentally Friendly

Taking responsibility for the impact on the environment from our own consumption is part of our green ethos. When you buy British, you create a smaller carbon footprint, it’s all too easy to forget how much carbon emissions result from transportation. Buying local can counteract this and we try to keep our impact to a minimum by choosing local businesses (e.g printing/sign writers ect) wherever possible.

4.      Made In Britain Promotes Thriving Communities

Preserve the culture of your town/city by letting niche, unique stores blossom. By shopping at your local British shop instead of big boxed chain stores you can keep communities from becoming “ghost towns” (areas deprived of shops and services) or “clone towns”, meaning your high street looks just like every other high street.

5.      Made In Britain Maintains Long-term Relationships

Chain store rules and regulations stifle relationships between people. When you buy local you are given a better quality and more personal service. Friendships strike up, neighbours’ names are learnt, and long lasting relationships can develop. This just can’t be achieved when shopping at convenient stores such as Argos or Ikea.

6.      Made In Britain Provides Education & Hands On Experience

Local business has the opportunity to place people in fitting careers, educate about economics and promote a shared thoughtful work ethic. When you work for a local, smaller business, you can acknowledge the vital role you play in your local community, as well as have the opportunity to learn across the board about different roles, from finance and sales to IT and development. This also encourages budding entrepreneurs to understand how they could set up their own business, and if local, help support one another. Compare this to working for a chain store, which stifles broader learning, working your way up within restricting roles, which along with a whole lot of red tape, can hinder the way of finding your best suited career path.

7.      Made In Britain Makes The Money Go Round

There’s a reason why so many towns are starting their own local currency. Supporting Made in Britain products keeps money circulating locally; in fact almost 60% more stays in your community when you buy from local independent stores, compared to buying from large chain stores (see source). When you buy local you support the circulation of money which passes through more local hands, meaning more people have had the benefit of its purchasing power. When you buy from larger, foreign based companies, more of that money is taken out of the country, drying up and slowing down circulation.

8.      Made In Britain Encourages Competition & Diversity

A marketplace blooming with thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long term. Why? Because a multitude of businesses, each selecting their own products based on their own interests and the needs of local customers (rather than say a national sales plan, fitting the same shoe to every foot) guarantees a much broader variety of products, and extensive choice for you. The low costs of chain stores are short term and deceiving –the ‘everything under one roof’ ethos means convenience shopping and cheap milk, but at the cost of expensive groceries and changes in prices and products going unchallenged with little to no notice taken.

9.      Made In Britain Sets Better Working Conditions

Ethical production, fair wages and high standard working conditions are all what you’d expect of a British home run company. The same can’t always be said for companies who operate abroad. Here at LPC we can make spot checks, be there in emergencies and know our employees personally, because our workhouses are just a short car journey away from our home office.

10.     Made In Britain Shifts Influence & Power

You matter more. It’s a fact that all good businesses listen and respond to their customers, but your values and demands are much more influential in your local community than to the large chain store. When you consider that it’s not uncommon to have the local shop’s owner serving you, compared to the chain store’s owner on the other side of the world, you can start to imagine how much more power the public have over their local stores.