LPC Lancaster Shop Update

Public Update on LPC’s Lancaster Furniture Shop:

As many of our customers will know, our Lancaster shop was sorely affected by the devastating flooding that hit Lancashire & Cumbria. Here’s the low-down on what happened next. Luckily, our Cumbrian shops; Kendal & Windermere, were thankfully spared much of the flood. Not so lucky was our Lancaster shop, situated on Parliament Street near Cable Street car park, which was knee deep in murky water.

Our Lancaster shop is a great building with fantastic large glazed windows which we use to showcase our favourite furniture. Known for having End of Line ranges, Clearance items and one-off pieces of furniture you’d struggle to find anywhere else, our Lancaster shop means a lot to our business and to our local customers. It was pretty gutting to see the state of it after the non-stop rain, but we knew, compared to some who had lost their work, their homes, and even loved ones, that we were lucky.

The Christmas holidays and January are our busiest times and we couldn’t afford to be closed, so, with a packet of marigold gloves (and barrels of determination) we managed to scrub, sweep and clean up, making it presentable enough, to open briefly for January.

Our customers didn’t mind the sticky uneven floors or untidy décor, but after the sales were over, we knew we’d have to close the our Lancaster store to be refurbished. We shut up shop and trucked all our Lancaster stock to the Morecambe shop floor. Then we tried to clear our showroom of both Lancaster clearance stock and Morecambe overstock with a huge Grand Sale. Thankfully, this super sale gave our staff job security whilst we were one shop down. We would also like to thank our loyal customer base, who came from miles around to shop with us.

During this time we were able to employ builders, plasterers and floor fitters to get our Lancaster store looking handsome again…but of course nothing quite goes to plan! We’re having to extend the closing time on our Lancaster shop as the tradesmen busy themselves fixing problems the flooding has unearthed. However we’re certainly getting there.

Take a look at our photos below, showing downstairs as well as the upstairs makeover. We’ll have new pictures when it’s all finished and ready for re-opening. We hope to see you there. 🙂

LPC Furniture LANCASTER shop buildwork

LPC Furniture LANCASTER shop buildwork 2


LPC Furniture LANCASTER shop buildwork 3

LPC Furniture LANCASTER shop buildwork 4

LPC Furniture LANCASTER shop buildwork 5

LPC Furniture LANCASTER shop buildwork 6