Know Your Oak!

oak, Know Your Oak!

LPC Furniture: Know Your Oak!

Of the oak trees, wood from Quercus robur also known as English Oak (although it is found in most parts of Europe and even North Africa) is the most popular oak wood for furniture. This is down to various reasons but most notably because of its durability and highly attractive grain and traditional look.

The Good:

  • One of the more traditional woods, and is therefore excellent for creating a traditional, classic or rustic feel in a room.
  • Stable, robust and long-lasting, these attributed make oak furniture popular and well sought after.
  • A solid wood, thus ideal for furniture that is likely to be in regular use such as chairs, tables and beds.
  • From an aesthetic stance, oak and varnish go together very well, meaning you can create your own unique tone and colour stain.

The Bad:

  • It’s a particularly heavy wood, both for lifting and in appearance. Consequently it can seem to take over a room and be a burden to move.
  • Oak trees mature very slowly, and acorns that contain seeds do not appear until the oak tree is mature – which may take 50 years.
  • Usually more expensive compared to other woods such as pine.
  • Due to it being a more traditional material, oak can sometimes date the décor in a room as it doesn’t necessarily have the lightness of a wood like pine.

Enjoy our infographic below, which can also be found on our Pinterest page:

oak, Know Your Oak!