Kendal Castle – September Winner

kendal castle, Kendal Castle – September Winner

Kendal Castle

Did you guess where Otto visited on the 1st September? Well if you guessed correctly you’ll know that the answer was the Kendal Castle Ruins on Castle Hill. We accepted ‘Kendal Castle’ ‘Castle Hill, Kendal’ and ‘Kendal Castle Ruins’. 


Kendal Castle History

So what did Otto find out whilst sniffing the ruins after his steep climb up the hill?

  • The Castle was built in the early 1200′s as the home of the barons of Kendal. They had a big influence on the development of Kendal. The Parr family is the best known of the baronial families, the most famous member being Katherine Parr, the sixth and last Queen of Henry VIII.
  • During the Tudor period, the Castle became a ruin, and has remained so ever since. Most of the Castle walls survived, along with one of the towers. Part of the manor hall remains, to a significant height – this was the most important building in the Castle.
  • In 1897, to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, Kendal Corporation bought Castle Hill for ‘public enjoyment’. 100 years later, a major project has been carried out involving repairs to the masonry, landscaping, and new information displays on the site and at the Museum.
  • Kendal Castle is well worth exploring, if not for the history then for the beautiful views of Kendal town. The site is managed by the South Lakeland District Council and is freely accessible to the public. There is an exhibition at Kendal Museum, telling the story of the Castle, its people, and what life was like around the town. Displays showing medieval objects, reconstructions of the Castle, computer displays and other various activities such as coin rubbing are also found in the museum. 


And The September Winner Is…

So this time we had just 14 entries, but only 10 were correct! Some people changed their answer – that was fine, we added you to the hat.  If you were correct and you liked/shared our facebook posts we added your name to the hat up to an extra 3 times depending on how active you were!

Using a random number generator, it’s time to announce the winner…*drum roll please*…

And so, the September Winner of £100 of LPC Furniture Vouchers goes to:  HELEN LEE!

Congratulations Helen! And thank you to everyone who entered. Otto would like to remind you that they’ll be another chance to enter the Where’s Otto? competition and another great chance of winning £100. Watch this space next month on the 1st October (and, as always, keep a look out on our facebook page!)


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