Good News or Bad News?

smartwood, Good News or Bad News?

Some of you may be aware that Smartwood Leisure Products Ltd – who operated oak furniture stores in Kendal and Kirkby Lonsdale -has gone into liquidation as of last month at the request of its creditors.

Whilst many people will be thinking that we should be pleased that yet another ‘competitor’ has fallen by the wayside, when we are still growing and recruiting after 25 years, we would look at it a slightly different way… Anything that diminishes the number of shops on  your high street is a bad thing, anything that diminishes the choice that customers have is a bad thing, anything that diminishes the  number of people coming in to our town centres is a bad thing for both you and ourselves. If nothing else competition keeps us on the ball and allows our customers to see, and compare, how good we are in terms of choice, quality and price.

With that in mind, if you are an ex-Smartwood customer and need pieces to complete your home, nearly all of the items they sold we are able to source, and normally at a better price, so do not worry, just come in and see us at our Kendal branch or even Morecambe or Lancaster if they are closer to you!

Whatever happens with our competition, whether it be actual stores or internet sites, the real message is to support your local independent companies, keep your money local and support local jobs by doing so, thus ensuring there will be more choice for you in the future. You shouldn’t need Mary Portas on a TV show to tell you this…its simple logic!