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Trollull Wire Wool – Grade 0000


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Steel wool, also known as wire wool or wire sponge, is a bundle of very fine and flexible sharp-edged steel filaments.

Versatile quality product from Trollull, one of Europe’s most popular brands of steel wool and is acknowledged for its perfect cleaning, grinding and polishing properties.

This high quality wire wool is used for cleaning, preparing and maintaining wood and metal finishes. Used extensively in the wood working industry it has many uses from paint stripping to applying wax.

The grade is determined by the thickness of the wire of which the wool is made of. This product is Grade 0000 which is the finest grade available. Grade 0000 is suitable for buffing and cleaning. Buffs woodwork, shellac, lacquer and varnish (use with wax or oil.)

We highly recommend this fine grade wire wool for applying wax polish, cleaning and polishing our furniture.

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