Furniture Care

Furniture Care for your new Oak and Pine Furniture

Remember that wood is a natural material and variations in grain, colour and texture are not only unavoidable but are an essential part of the beauty of your hand-finished product. Small splits, spelches and knots are down to the character of real timber – if you want perfection, buy plastic!

Take care of your wooden furniture with our furniture care tips:

  • Always ensure the floor is level for smooth door and drawer opening – use wedges if necessary.Spring Clean Polish solid wood furniture


  • Avoid direct sunlight and extreme changes in temperature.


  • Your furniture will have either a waxed or lacquered finish which should be dusted with a soft, dry cloth.


  • In the case of waxed furniture, application of the appropriate coloured wax once or twice a year will enhance its sheen and stop the timber drying out.


  • Avoid using a silicon based polish as over time they will leave a deposit on the unit and as with other polishes always spray onto the cloth rather than directly onto the product. Also avoid using damp cloths, especially with detergents or dishwater on them.


  • Always use a mat or pad when writing on paper on the furniture to avoid leaving indentations or marks on the surface.


  • As with any quality furniture always us place-mats and coasters.


  • Wipe up any spills immediately and beware on extending tables that spillages may drip through onto the extension leaf if stored underneath where it could sit and damage its surface.


  • Remember that vases placed directly on the surface may cause condensation underneath so always use mats and be careful of leaking vases!


  • Move table top ornaments around regularly to avoid sunlight discolouration.


  • Avoid placing furniture next to strong heat sources such as fires and radiators.


  • Never drag furniture as this could weaken joints or damage leg fittings. If not using our installation service on tables then once the legs are bolted on, the table must be lifted over and NOT rolled.


The team at Lancashire Pine and Oak Furniture hope that your furniture gives you many years of pleasure. If we can be of any further help either advising on existing furniture of ours or adding to your collection from our Pine, Oak, Ash or bespoke ranges then please contact us.