Finishing Touches – Amazing Accessories

Accessories make a house a home. But there is a fine line between class and clutter, so it’s unsurprising that so many people find accessorising so daunting. When done right, accessories tell visitors to your home a lot about your life, your experiences and your passions. Our top tip for accessorising your home is to have fun – if you do, your visitors will too!

Photo by LPC Furniture

Photo by LPC Furniture

We’ve included some photos and ideas for accessorising your home, but as always, you can pop down into any of our shops and our lovely team will be on hand to help you out.

Group your accessories! Arrange accessories in groups according to palette or texture. Symmetry is not always your friend when it comes to deciding where your accessories are going to live, items on a shelf or mantelpiece look better grouped together or arranged asymmetrically rather than at opposing ends. Group items together that share a common colour, finish or texture.

Recycled Shelves with Light and Glass Vases

Photo by LPC Furniture

Picking colours. Have wallpaper? Try echoing a colour from the wallpaper and reflect it in your rugs, cushions or other accessories. Contrasting pieces do work well when done properly, but it can be a difficult task. Have a look at a colour wheel for inspiration – colours on opposite sides of the wheel are the most contrasting (yellow & purple is my favourite!). A dash of warm orange is the perfect way to cosy up a cool blue room.

Using Colour

Photo by Farrow & Ball

Be open minded. The simplest of things can be made into a work of art when displayed correctly. Microscopes, typewriters, instruments, old pipes… the only limit is your imagination! If you have a collection, don’t hide it away, embrace it! Just avoid the curio-cabinets, which will make your home resemble a stuffy antiques hall! We’re loving vintage signs and have a few in store right now!

Bakery Vintage Sign

Photo by LPC Furniture