Distressed Furniture

distressed furniture, Distressed Furniture

Comfortably Distressed Furniture – The What, The Why and The Perks.

‘Distressed furniture’ is old and new, tatty and polished, antique but modern – it is the oxymoron of all furniture. In this article, LPC Furniture delves in to the widespread appeal and advantages of our newest range of furniture to hit our floor.


What is Distressed Furniture?

For those who are not familiar with a distressed piece of furniture, please note it is unlike the clean paint finishes which are so often used to re-vamp furniture. The label ‘distressed’ is given to a piece of furniture that has the look or feel of an ageing piece, it can be retro, vintage or antique but think rustic, untidy paint splashes and grungy.

You can choose to distress vintage furniture (something that is old, at least 40 years of age or more) something retro (something out of style with the current times), something antique (something decorative at least 100 years old) or something new and modern you wish to look older – it simply comes down to your preferred style of furniture.

Whatever you style preference, the idea is that distressed furniture is still sturdy solid furniture (think pine, oak or reclaimed timber) playing on the ‘shabby-chic’ design. Distressed furniture blends the new and old in a curious, inviting yet personal way, but should be in working order, and re-made to last.


Why is Distressed Furniture Popular?

Reclaimed and distressed pieces of furniture, both old and new, has become the newest trend, which has changed the interior look of homes across London. It is catching the rest of the country by storm, due to the spread of green conscious, the rise in popularity for arts and crafts, and of course the ‘pre-loved’ movement sweeping the net.

The popularity for distressed and reclaimed furniture has also increased in recent years due to its widespread appeal to the different attitudes and motives for purchasing furniture.

Anyone who is looking for eco-friendly home décor will value the low impact recycled wood, or re-used wood, has on the natural environment. By making an old or broken piece of furniture into something new, you are prolonging the life of the furniture and preventing additional landfill waste.

Distressed furniture also appeals to those who long for luxury, for one-of-a-kind unique pieces of art; they will find precious value in imaginative reclaimed wood designs by inventive artisans.


The Perks of Distressed Furniture

Reclaimed wood can be exceptionally strong and reliable whilst lessening the impact of forestry – so quality furniture does not have to come at the price of the environment. Additionally, reducing the carbon footprint during the manufacturing process, whilst creating dramatic and striking, one-of-a-kind pieces, distinguishes distressed furniture from all the mass-produced products on the market.

That’s not all, from refurbished lamp tables and revamped chest of drawers to reclaimed dressers and recycled bedsides, solid wood designs are made to last, timeless heirlooms that will last generations and remain unique and totally individual.

So if you have opted to invest in distressed furniture, if you have decided you want something different, unique and personal to you, then drop in at Morecambe Showroom to see what we have. Not sure what piece to choose, or if a particular piece is right for you? Simply follow LPC Furniture’s advice – the best way to go about choosing the right piece of distressed treasure is to pick the pieces you love.