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Cream on the Top

Cream on The top

How many times have you had a beautiful vision in your head, and you didn’t quite get the Cream on the TOP ?


We all do it. When we start looking at moving house, when we start thinking about extending our existing home, we all have an idea of how we want to live and enjoy our space and we can picture it in our minds.  We want right,  we want that picture. After all, everyone’s home is individual as you and your family .

Then what do we do next is to start looking at wonderful lifestyle magazines to get ideas and then the picture is set in your mind and  you can imagine your family living in this ideal room or home. You troll through thousands of websites picking out things you would like and that vision starts to feel real.

So…. what goes wrong?  Why don’t we end up with that vision?

Over the many years at LPC Furniture I have heard the words over and over again…`We have just spent thousands moving, we have just spend thousand renovating , just spend thousands extending the house` , I can go on with the endless list , but what does this mean?

What it usual means we have spent our entire budget with the following:bedroom-work-1

Architects, Planning fees, Structural Engineers, Builders, Electricians , Plumbers, Decorators, the list can be endless,  but we budget for that if we are building our home or extending the existing, however do we include something  in that budget for the furnishings, what I call the  Cream on the Top… the bit that finishes everything off .

It’s always worth remembering it’s better spending on items that are portable , the things you take to your next home , on average people move every 13 years in this country . So buy furniture that will not date , I can still hear my mother saying about buying clothes buy a few good classic pieces and the rest will work , its the same about furniture a good classic sofa or chair can fit anywhere .

We don’t buy a new dress for a wedding without the new shoes and bag to match.

How many of us think to budget for the whole picture? What I mean by this is the carpet, curtains and most of all the furniture and how and where it will be used , how it makes the room feel finished and makes that transformation from a house to a home

Example of this was a good customer of ours who moved house and bought a beautiful place  but needed to extend to make the bedrooms and living area work for him and his growing family. He had a large budget put to one side for this project but by the time the architects, builders etc, had finished the was nothing left for the Cream! We have all seen Grand Designs. Forget the gadgets, the fancy lights etc and remember the one thing that you will see every day for many years is not the sockets and taps and dimmer switches it will the whole look of your room your decor .  

Therefore, please don’t think of us as the last place to come to.  Think of that budget and put aside something for the Cream on the Top.

Remember that a room is a just a space, it’s what goes in it that makes it you.


Painted Victorian Range By LPC Furniture

Make your house into a home.