Choosing A TV Unit

tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Let’s talk TV Units!

A TV unit is not only used to hold a television; it’s essential to adding to the style of a living room and can be used as additional storage and for other practical reasons. Choosing a TV Unit to suit your living room area has never been easier due to the wide variety of styles and designs on offer. However other factors do need to be considered. For example, the size and shape of the stand will fit certain styles of living room, with smaller homes benefiting from small TV units or corner units, whilst larger living areas benefit from chunky or longer units.

Since flat-screen TVs are now the norm, most people will find that smaller sized TV stands are sufficient to cater to their needs, able to hold the weight of even the largest of screens, however, you may need a longer unit to balance out the size of your screen, stopping the TV from overcrowding your unit.

Buying TV Units

When buying a TV unit, there are a number of important elements to consider. These will include the size of the stand, its height, its shelving and layout, its style, and so on.


The dimension of the room will be important in determining the size of the TV stand. In general, depth will not be an issue when buying stands for flat-screen TVs as stand will be deeper than the TV. For traditional CRT TVs, however, depth is an important factor to consider, and the stand needs to be deep enough so that the television doesn’t extend beyond the front. This is both hazardous and unsightly. If the television will be the only thing stored in the stand, small units will suffice, depending on the size of the TV. If additional items will be stored within the unit, however, a larger cabinet will be required. Extra wide units, for example, will provide sufficient room for books, vases, photographs, and additional items to be placed either side of the TV.


The height of the TV stand will be based upon the position of the sofas and chairs within the room. When watching television, the ideal sight-line will be to have the centre of the TV at the same height as the rooms seating. For example, if there are low sofas in the room, the TV should be positioned in a low stand. If the room has high seating, higher units will be appropriate.


The amount of shelving within any TV stand will be related to its size – generally, the larger the stand, the more shelving it will have. While most stands will have 1 or 2 shelves, they can easily contain up to 8. The amount of shelving that will be appropriate when buying a TV stand will be based upon the number of items that it is intended to store. For example it may be best to have one shelf for DVDs and Blu-rays, and a separate one for CDs. If you’ve fully embraced the digital age then you may find you need less space for hardware. Instead you may want shelving space for books, magazines, ornaments etc. Whatever the use for your space, the shelving size needs to be taken into account.


TV units come in a huge variety of different styles and designs. Choosing the right unit will come down to personal preference. It is important to maintain a consistent aesthetic in the home, so buying a stand that reflects the personality of the room, as well as the home is important. For example, if your house is laden with chunky oak furniture, consider a TV stand made out of similar material.

Types of TV Stands

There are a huge range of TV stands to choose from. Each different type of stand will have its own style and design features. Here are some of the major types LPC Furniture sell to choose from:

TV Units with Drawers

A drawer or two is great for keeping bits and bobs out of sight and out of mind. An open shelf is perfect for a freeview box or consoles for easy access. The hole at the back keeps your cables hidden. Here’s a selection of our favourite TV units with drawers.

tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Eton Corner TV Unit


tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Reclaimed Timber One Drawer TV Unit

tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Borwick TV Unit

Open TV Units

As seen from our TV Units with drawers, they normal include a open shelf unit. These open shelves are perfect for displaying your books, CDs, and ornaments or keeping all your game consoles, TV boxes and remote controls in one accessible place. If you want a full open TV Unit (think a low bookcase) see our Plank unit below or ask in store for a custom oak or pine open unit.

tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Plank 3ft Open TV Unit

TV  Units with Cupboard Space

If you prefer shelving space over drawers, but want to keep that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mantra then cupboards are the perfect hidden space. Choose from a small TV unit with one cupboard or a longer, larger unit with two cupboards. Shelving space for tv boxes/game consoles

tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Chunky Oak Small TV

tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Natural Rustic Oak Medium TV Unit

tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Eton Small TV Unit


Corner TV Units

These stands are specifically designed to fit into the corners of rooms against both walls. Usually they are ideal for smaller rooms where space is limited, or for providing the best possible utilisation of space.

tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Natural Oak Corner Tv Unit


tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Reclaimed Timber Corner TV Unit

tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Natural Pine Corner VCR

tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Natural Pine Large Glazed Corner VCR


tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Borwick Corner TV

tv unit, Choosing A TV Unit

Rustic Corner TV


A TV stand can be used for a variety of different purposes and can add a great deal to the style and aesthetic of any room. They can be either minimalistic, only intended for a TV, or far more complex, such as a larger wood stand with several compartments and shelves for a variety of other items.

Most importantly, see the item in person so you can have a better idea of the quality and colour of the piece. It’s far too easy these days to see a beautiful yet highly edited photograph of a piece of furniture which disappoints once it’s delivered to your door.