Choosing A Dining Chair: New Ranges Added!

choosing a dining chair

Are you in the market for a new dining chair? Struggling to find the right one for you? Well we’ve just added over 50 new dining chairs to the website for all to see, making it easier for you when it comes to choosing your perfect dining chair.

Whether they’re used for a quick breakfast or a leisurely dinner party, choosing a dining chair is a matter of fining something comfortable, stylish and possibly withstand years of kids’ sticky fingers! Now you can get it right first time at LPC by looking at the different styles, colours, patterns and fabrics in order to find something that suits you.

Choosing A Dining Chair

Sprucing up your dining room can be easily done with new dining chairs. If you want a really individual look, buy them separately to the table, rather than simply plumping for a ready-made set. But before you rush out to your nearest LPC shop, here are some things that you will need to consider…

Sitting Comfortably

First things first, measure your dining table and figure out how wide the chairs should be to fit under it. Leave some space either side – you don’t want your dinner guests to be wedged in like sardines. Avoid buying chairs that are less than 50cm wide as they won’t be wide enough for sitting comfortably.
Another thing to think about is the shape of your table. If it is round or oval, the space underneath may be limited, so make sure all the chairs can be pushed under easily when not in use. As a guide, allow around 60cm of table-top for each person at a rectangular table, and about 75cm for a circular table. Of course this is just a guide and you should do what seems best to you.

Matching Table To Chair

When choosing which dining chair will go with your dining table here’s a few tips:

Heavy and solid wood chairs will pair well with that rustic farm table you bought. One of the bonuses of wooden dining chairs is the variation you’ll get in colour, grain, knots and burrs – each piece is truly individual. The wood’s colour can change over the years as it ages too, and this is something to bear in mind when buying.

Café-style chairs have come back into fashion lately, since their curvy lines look great with just about any style table and they add a European flair. These chairs are quite classy with a rustic farm table as well as suiting Eclectic décor.

Benches  make a great choice for a rectangular table and accommodates as few or as many diners as you’re willing to squeeze in. This style seating reinforces your no-frills approach to setting up a dining room with its flexibility and clean spare lines. Having a bench along one wall and regular chairs on the other side of a table creates an eye-catching composition and you’re ready for any size dinner party.

Prefer upholstered chairs? Nothing says “formal dining” like a set of well-upholstered chairs to go around a traditional table. The cushioned back and seat tell the diner you are in for a multi-course meal full of delicious treats and good conversation!

Choosing a dining chair needn’t be tricky – whether you want a plank bench, a sturdy beech dining chair, or an oak dining chair (with or without a padded seat) LPC Furniture have got you covered.

Choosing A Leather Dining Chair

Or perhaps you’d prefer something in leather? No problem, just pick a colour!

Kendal Madras Old Antique Black Leather Dining Chair

Kendal Madras Old Antique Black Leather Dining Chair

Kendal Bonded Leather Burgundy Dining Chair

Kendal Bonded Leather Burgundy Dining Chair

Kendal Bonded Leather White Dining Chair

Kendal Bonded Leather White Dining Chair

Kendal Madras Ivory Leather Dining Chair

Kendal Bonded Leather Ivory Dining Chair

Remember a chairs’ finish affects a room’s mood, too. Darker finishes, whether for wood or plastic, will look heavier, while paler coloured pieces will bounce light around and help the space feel larger. However, darker colours will hide the dirt better – a bonus if you have young kids!

Choosing A Fabric Dining Chair

Prefer fabric? Then you’re in luck as we have a huge choice of colours and patterns. See below a small selection of the fabulous fabric chairs we have:


Kirkby Cream Linen dining Chair

Kirkby Cream Fabric Dining Chair

Kendal Rio Ochre Dining Chair

Kendal Rio Ochre Dining Chair

Kendal Jupiter Candy Dining Chair

Kendal Jupiter Candy Dining Chair

Kendal Deco Spice Fabric Dining Chair

Kendal Deco Spice Fabric Dining Chair

Kendal Baroque Charcoal Dining Chair

Kendal Baroque Charcoal Dining Chair

Whether you go for contemporary or period designer chairs (or lookalikes) or traditional seats, there are a few basic design rules that you should bear in mind:

For a formal look, particularly in a dining room, choose high backed chairs, such as our Kendal Baroque Charcoal Dining Chair featured above. Bear in mind that high backed chairs also take up more space visually.


Barrow Linen Charcoal Dining Chair

Barrow Linen Charcoal Dining Chair

We will be adding more chairs to our website in the new year – some of you might have seen our new range of chairs dotted around our showrooms!

If in doubt, pop in to your local shop  (Morecambe, Lancaster, Kendal, Windermere) and try them out for size.