Choosing Your Ideal Colour Palette

Colour Palette, Choosing Your Ideal Colour Palette

How To Choose Your Ideal Colour Palette

By introducing a new colour palette into your interior, you can inject new life and vitality to your room. You can also change the mood or ambiance of a room simply by changing the colour of fabrics, accessories, or most notably, adding a new piece of painted furniture.

When deciding what colour palette to choose, one thing to consider is the style/feel of your room. Do you have a favourite colour that you would like to incorporate? Or perhaps you already have a few colours which you’d like to merge with an additional colour?

Well check out our colour palettes below for inspiration and see which suits you.


Colours that compliment our Buttermilk paint:

  • Greyish yellows still remain the colour of choice for many English homes due to its modern yet warm feel working with many styles of furniture.
  • Teaming soft apple greens with off yellows instantly makes you think of spring, and will freshen up your kitchen space.
  • Add in bold fiery colours (in small doses) to creamy greens and off yellows to give an energetic, modern twist.

Colour Palette, Choosing Your Ideal Colour Palette




Colours that compliment our Duck Egg Blue paint:

  • Soft blues are perfect for a light and breezy kitchen. Light pastel colours will keep it looking fresh and clean.
  • Alternatively pastel blue with neutral shades can make for an inviting and chilled lounge or living area.
  • Pale blue looks beautiful paired with dark grey and silver, for a sophisticated but relaxed look.

Colour Palette, Choosing Your Ideal Colour Palette




Colours that compliment our White paint:

  • It’s not surprising in the least that our white paint is one of our best selling paint colours. It’s by far one of the most popular staple colours, because it can form the basis for any theme or style.
  • Inherently sophisticated off-whites are endlessly versatile, suiting the widest choice of colour palettes and room sizes.
  • Add smaller accessories or fabrics in deeper colours to bring out the light, great for making smaller rooms seem spacious.

Colour Palette, Choosing Your Ideal Colour Palette




Colours that compliment our Dove Grey paint:

  • A grey painted living room can look warm and cosy if teamed with neutral tones and luxurious fabrics.
  • Combining different tones of grey with pastels helps to create a calming mood – perfect for a home office or hallway.
  • The contrast of soft greys against colourful pastels is currently trending as it really updates rooms to a more contemporary and stylish look.

Colour Palette, Choosing Your Ideal Colour Palette


Top Colour Tips:

  • Keep in mind, when choosing colour hues, that darker colours on furniture will make the piece seem larger – this might clash in smaller spaces.
  • Lighter colours are usually best for small spaces, which can accompany a brighter, bolder colour to give a more eye-catching interior.
  • You don’t have to splash a bold or dark colour all over a wall to make an impact, simply bright painted panels or bold painted furniture or cupboards will do just the trick.


To see our painted range furniture in the flesh (which is advised as monitor differences mean what one colour looks to you, can look less or more saturated and/or darker/lighter to someone else) visit your nearest store; Kendal, Lancaster or our huge warehouse and showroom in Morecambe.