Celebrating 25 Years

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Established in 1988, LPC Furniture has come a long way from their little shop in Lancaster…

The Lancashire Pine Furniture Company has been supplying solid wood furniture to homes, guest houses and hotels in Lancashire and Cumbria for over 25 years. Our stores in Kendal and Lancaster, combined with our main 20,000sq/ft showroom warehouse in Morecambe, make us the largest specialist solid wood suppliers in the area.

All of our pine and bespoke oak ranges are hand crafted in the UK, then hand stained and waxed by our experienced team of finishers, many whom hold Level 3 NVQ’s in furniture finishing. We are proud to say they achieved these qualifications during their time with us.

We manufacture all of our pine and painted furniture in the UK because we believe if we can, we should. All of our staff are also locally produced, many having been with LPC for over 10 years. Where possible we use local businesses to help with the running of the business (e.g printers, sign writers) to keep money flowing locally.

Our staff have many years’ experience, guiding customers through the furniture industry and answering any questions you may have. We are always happy to see you come through our doors to take a good look at the quality of the furniture we supply. Our staff will never pressure you into a sale, our team is purely there to give you the unbiased advice you need to make an informed choice.

As an independent, we are not bound by some distant head office that tell us what we can and cannot sell, instead we can listen to our local customer’s needs, supply the furniture you want, and provide value for money.

Ssssssh…. To celebrate 25 years we’re going to be announcing very soon a

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