Budget Bedroom Makeover in 5 Steps

Bedroom, Budget Bedroom Makeover in 5 Steps

Makeover your bedroom on a budget in 5 easy steps!

So you’ve spent money to have your solid wood bedroom furniture in place yet your cosy haven is looking a little…bland. Not to fear, in 5 steps (that won’t break the bank) we will show you (with plenty of pretty images) how to achieve a bedroom makeover and make the most of your current furniture.

1. Bedroom Rug

Adding a rug to your bedroom provides a point of interest, giving your room more interest and if placed correctly,  breaks up space and structure your room. In addition, a cosy rug gives you a soft landing for your feet, keeping that chill away from your toes in the winter! You don’t have to spend a lot to have pick the ‘right’ rug either.

Pick a colour that matches a shade of your curtains, lamp shade or wallpaper – basically anything that remains a permanent in your décor. Note, if picking a colour from your duvet set, make sure it also matches your other bedding! Adding a rug to your bedroom may not seem drastic, but the accompanying warmth, softness, and beauty to a bedroom will become apparent.

Bedroom, Budget Bedroom Makeover in 5 Steps

2. Bedroom Light Fixtures

Bedroom lighting isn’t just about…the lighting. Though there is a practical perk to adding a lamp to your bedside. No, your lighting in your bedroom should be a viewed as a chunky accessory or statement piece because it’s the easiest way to perk up your existing furniture and add some colour and mood to your bedroom.

So whether you decide on bold colourful lampshades or elegant chandeliers, you can guarantee it will create a dramatic change to your room – plus you’ll be able to see in the dark!

 Bedroom, Budget Bedroom Makeover in 5 Steps

3.  Bedding & Mix Materials

Your bed will be your biggest piece of furniture – so it only makes sense that you make it easy on the eye. You don’t have to go out and blow a ridiculous amount on Egyptian cotton and luxury silk sheets! Just keep your eye open for suitable colours (in various patterns) and play with throws, pillow covers, cushions and blankets to build your bedding into something that stands out.

A great tip to style by is to pick 3 patterns in complimentary colours, in 3 different sizes. So pick one large pattern, one medium, and one small pattern.

Store bedding you don’t use (check out our blanket boxes) and swap them out next season when you feel like a change. Adding different textures to your bedding can be all that needed to create a complete makeover – no really. Check out these pictures and notice how plain these rooms would be with a stiff solid duvet and two plain pillows.

 Bedroom, Budget Bedroom Makeover in 5 Steps

4. Bedroom Walls

Ok, so you have your rug and, light fixtures and bedding sorted, but you still feel your room looks…dull? Then you need to turn your attention to your walls.  If you’ve followed our first 3 steps, you might find all that’s required is a new colour, perhaps go darker (“…but my room will look smaller!” Read April’s blog post for debunked décor myths!) or it may well be you just need to re-wallpaper one wall with something loud and bold.

Let your gut instinct decide whether it’s a simple case of adding a border to your room or a complete re-decorate. See these pictures for inspiration.

 Bedroom, Budget Bedroom Makeover in 5 Steps

5. Bedroom Wall Art

You’re nearly there! By now you’ve followed our tips and already your bedroom is looking fabulous. But something seems to be missing. The walls are a little bare.  Now you don’t have to fork out for a golden framed picture of a Picasso print – and we’d recommend you don’t. Prints can be a dull, unless the artist or piece means something personal to you.

We recommend popping to your local gallery and falling in love with something – but if the price makes that impossible we have another idea. Pick up some bargain frames and pin up your favourite photographs, or print off images you find on the internet and if you’re looking for particular colours this image tool may help – you can search by colour(s).

If that’s not your thing, then keep your eye our for wall accessories (check out LPC Furniture’s stores for some unique wall art!)  like a fancy bedroom clock, mounted posters, mirrors or something that piques your curiosity. It’s your bedroom, it should represent your personality.

Bedroom, Budget Bedroom Makeover in 5 Steps

Notice, if you go back through the photos, how many of these bedrooms comply with 4 or 5 of the tips we’ve mentioned? It’s really a matter of simply adding interest and clever space to your room, after that the colours and design just come down to your own individual preference because, after-all, wouldn’t life be boring if we all liked the same thing?