Bring Your Kids Furniture Shopping!

bring your kids, Bring Your Kids Furniture Shopping!

Furniture Shopping at LPC: Bring Your Kids!

LPC know first-hand how little time parents have when it comes to shopping, especially shopping for new furniture. If you work in a typical 9-5 job then stores are closed after work, and you have to wait till the weekend to get anything done. At the weekend, however, the kids are off from school, and unless you can afford to hire a babysitter, the chances are the kids are coming along for the ride, but of course, they’re not even remotely interested in your mission to find a new TV Unit.

So the kids aren’t there 5 minutes before they’ve grown bored at looking at the various dining room tables, and have decided to do what kids do best, play. You’re hoping they don’t break anything, and they’re wondering why you brought them to furniture version of Narnia, if they’re not allowed to run around and explore. What is a parent to do?

LPC furniture understands this dilemma, and we consider ourselves a family friendly store. That’s why, as some of you will know, we have a dedicated playroom just for kids. Your children are free to play with large lego bricks, test out all the various toys from our box of tricks and jump up and down on a soft kid’s sized bed cushion. Meanwhile you can browse at your leisure, knowing the kids are happy and busy playing. Furniture shopping has never been so fun!

So next time you’re worrying about what to do about the kids, when you’re thinking about that new corner cabinet, don’t think twice, bring your kids!