Borwick Oak Collection: Latest Additions!

Borwick, Borwick Oak Collection: Latest Additions!

Our limited Borwick Oak Collection has been so popular we’ve decided to expand the range. So what is it about our Borwick Oak range that makes it so special? Borwick Oak is made from North American White Oak, or Quercus alba to go by its binomial name. The Quercus alba (or the White Oak) is one of the pre-eminent hardwoods of eastern North America. It’s a long-lived oak of the family Fagaceae, and specimens have been documented to be over 450 years old! Funnily enough, although called a ‘white oak’, it’s very rare to come across a single specimen with white bark. Usually the colour is more of a light grey, varying to dark grey. White oak has tyloses – this gives the wood a closed cellular structure, basically making it water-resistant. It’s because of this characteristic that it’s used predominately for barrels for wine and whiskey production, since it resists leaking.

Made to an exclusive LPC design, this special oak is transformed into the chunky, modernistic, much-loved pieces of Borwick Oak furniture. Added to our current collection we now have a stylish TV Unit, complete with two dovetailed drawers, and a suitable Borwick Corner TV Unit too.  Not to be missed is our Borwick Display Cabinet – a real statement piece of furniture, perfect for displaying your most prized possessions- and now on sale! And finally, we also added a cute little Lamp Table to the collection, very bijou. To see our full Borwick Oak range click here.