Back To School: A Study in Style

back to school, Back To School: A Study in Style

The summer holidays have just started so the last thing you’re thinking about is ‘back to school’ however, now is a good time to think whether your child (or children) have enough space to do their homework, and whether you could improve their working area to make homework and home-projects a doddle rather than a chore.

Picking the right desk can make all the difference, so here’s a few fast tips to help you make the right decision.

Computer Desk: Good For Your Health!

As laptops start to replace many home desktops you may well think a traditional computer desk is obsolete. Think again. The only thing that makes a desk a ‘computer’ desk is the slide out keyboard stand, and possibly space for a printer.  A printer is still a must for any workstation, and the keyboard stand, well we recommend investing in an ergonomic keyboard that can be used with the laptop. When typing over long periods a time, nothing beats a good keyboard on a proper desk, rather than the awkward, aggravating, static postures that come with using a laptop for too long.

Laptop Problems

Research shows from an ergonomic point of view, you should make your laptop work more like a desktop. Unfortunately we’re doing the opposite. Most laptops are used flat on the desk for extended periods and this may well result in neck problems.  Outside of school many teenagers use laptops in extremely bad ways: this includes on tables (usually too high) and on their knees (bad for the neck). With hotdesking, work areas are no longer configured correctly, if at all. This is why setting up a proper desk is so important, having a work station suited for typing and working on the computer for long periods of time, will do the world of good for your child’s health, not to mention their concentration.

back to school, Back To School: A Study in Style

ABOVE: Single Ped Computer Desk complete with keyboard pull out, drawer and cupboard.

TOP TIP: Remember to build breaks into their study time so that they don’t get burned out.back to school, Back To School: A Study in Style

ABOVE: Twin Ped Computer Cupboard complete with keyboard pull-out, 2 A4 filing cabinets, top drawer and bottom cupboard.


To encourage homework doing, a good atmosphere needs to be set up. If possible, set up the homework space in an area near a window for natural light. A normal lamp along with window light would be sufficient but if this is not possible then consider purchasing a quality light, such as the OttLite desk lamp. OttLite’s 508 illumination technology brings the high quality of natural light indoors. These lamps are energy-efficient, plus they reduce glare and eyestrain to create the ideal environment for reading and studying

back to school, Back To School: A Study in Style

ABOVE: Left side computer desk in oak with two stationary drawers and one filing cabinet.

Stay Organised

The study space needs to be stocked with the essentials your child needs for homework — pens, pencils, paper and other necessities. A desk full of drawers is a great way to organise supplies and keep them at your child’s fingertips. Use stationary caddies and pen pots for easy access to everything they might need, from a pencil to a paper clip. You should also include a small standing bookcase or a bookcase mounted to the wall, for stocking other study tools or reference materials.


back to school, Back To School: A Study in Style

Hope that helps with sorting you out before going back to school. If you have any queries or want something making that we don’t currently have on show, then simply email us at [email protected] or pop in and visit your local shop: Morecambe, Lancaster, Kendal, Windermere.