A New Face But The Same Old Us

LPC furniture, A New Face But The Same Old Us

Welcome to the new LPC Furniture website, to celebrate our 25th Anniversary we have decided to redesign not only the website but ourselves a little as well.

So where to start? Well about 6 months ago we decided we wanted to update LPC Furniture. So we enlisted the help of a very talented web and graphic designer Mark Slater, he has helped us put together a new look for the LPC brand and for the website as well, we hope you like it.  For the last 2 months our favourite web developer Sam Jones (me) has been hard at work tearing out the old clunky website and fitting a new sleeker website. We have upgraded everything and the new site is bigger, better, faster and, more importantly, more secure.

Some of the new features:

  • You can now pay directly and securely on site making everything for our customers easier without having to worry.
  • The on site search has been tweaked so you should be able to find the products you want much faster.
  • Browsing though our massive product catalogue has never been easier, just find the room you’re looking to furnish in the main navigation then use the check boxes on the left hand side to narrow down your search simple!
  • Speed! We realised the old site could sometimes be a little slow, so we have upgraded all our servers and hardware to really deliver you a quick experience when on our site.

This isn’t everything by any means and there is still plenty to come so keep your eyes peeled. Once we are happy with the site we will be notifying all our existing customers to let them know properly and inviting them to come use the site, but for now, happy browsing.