5 Reasons Why You Need A Console Table

console table, 5 Reasons Why You Need A Console Table

Console tables, also known as Hall Tables, are a piece of furniture most people don’t consider when thinking about furnishing their home. Perhaps you think they’re not a necessity or you don’t see the need of one? Well you should think again, because here are 5 great reasons why you most definitely need a console table.

…Because I need more space.

Small and unobtrusive, console tables were made to be slim be design so they would sit perfect against your hallway staircase or wall. By taking up such little room, yet giving you both a surface and a drawer in which to place your stuff, they have become life saver – especially for those who are short on space.

console table, 5 Reasons Why You Need A Console Table

…Because I keep misplacing my keys, phone, wallet, mail.

Picture it, you’re crying out “Where are my darn keys?!” as helpful wife or husband shouts back “They’re on the side”. (What side? Which Side?!) If that sounds familiar it about time to get yourselves organised. It’s proven that keeping your vitals in a designated spot will mean you’ll become increasingly unlikely to misplace items. A hall table is the perfect spot for all your important things because it’s right by the door – it’s the first spot when you come in and the last spot when you pop out.

But don’t just display them clumsily on top, use a fetching piece of pottery. The tinker sound as you drop your essentials into the dish will also help condition you to do this every time you come in/go out!

Also, when bringing in the mail, it’s best to pop it in the drawer to deal with at a set time. This is better than dealing with it right away, because you’ll be in a better, organised mood later, and less likely to walk around, mail in hand, and misplace letters around the house.

console table, 5 Reasons Why You Need A Console Table

…Because I like making a fabulous first impression

Who doesn’t? But seriously, a console table can add that extra aesthetic to your plain hallway or staircase. You can even use it to give a piece of decorative art more notice. For example a vase of flowers might look better at eye level, placed on your console table rather than on the floor, where it could be knocked in to.

Console Tables, not content with just displaying your wordly decorative pieces, can also in themselves give a luxury look and feel to your hallway. Your hallway becomes less empty, more orgnaised and helps the flow of your house. They’re also brilliant at fitting in with practically any décor and create that great first impression that your house is complete.

console table, 5 Reasons Why You Need A Console Table

…Because there are no other options

A small round table or a square lamp table take up far too much space…but having nothing at makes your hall space look bare, and wastes space. A settle would look to OTT, or you haven’t room for such a piece anyway. That’s why a console table is the perfect compromise. Slim, sleek and coming in a variety of sizes means you get the best of both worlds. Enough room to place your telephone or a pile of books, but not so much that you’re blocking room to move. And who’s to say it has to be used in the hallway? They’re great company in any room that is missing something discreet, practical yet attractive.

console table, 5 Reasons Why You Need A Console Table

…Because I can’t not afford one!

As one of our lowest priced pieces of furniture, price isn’t a problem. Starting at £149 you could take home an Eton or Natural Oak console table today. A small splurge for something that can help you become more organised, make a great first impression in your home and boxed up can fit in most cars which means saving on delivery! Pop in store to see our range of console tables for yourself.

console table, 5 Reasons Why You Need A Console Table


Featured image is Cadence Console Table, and other console tables available. Please ask in store for more details.