5 Interior Design Myths


5 Interior Design Myths

It’s okay to break the rules. In fact most of the so-called ‘rules’, aren’t rules but myths. You see,  when it comes to home décor, a few decorating guidelines wrongly became ‘rules’ for what makes interior design good or bad, but the truth is they were only ever guidelines.

So stuff the rules that have been repeated to you time and time again, and break out from the restrictions and stubborn blandness placed when adhering to these 5 myths!

Myth #1 – Only light colours make a room look larger

This is a massive misconception that most people have with thinking of using dark colours in small spaces.  ”It will make it look smaller!” cries the presenters of every 30 minute decorating show , but actually the fact is, with well-placed furnishings and carefully chosen design, you can create an inviting space with style despite limitations in size.

Embrace your darker side and paint the walls in rich shades like navy blue, deep teal or mahogany red – do what you feel comfortable with. When it comes to room wall colour there are no set rules – the only goal is to make your space personal and appeal to you. Take a look at these darker small rooms for inspiration, and make sure you check our Pinterest page for more styles and creativeness.




Myth #2 – Metallics Can’t Be Mixed

Most people have a preference for either silver/chrome or gold/brass and this has laid the way for the interior design myth that you mustn’t mix metals in the same room. But they’re wrong! There’s now a growing trend to meet the contemporary look with an urban chic or vintage spirit.

Mixing metals can jazz up an ordinary room – the kitchen being the best example for this. Brass cupboards and a sleek stainless steel cooker, with a dash of copper-bottomed pots to display. The industrial trend is on the rise, so perhaps consider metal chairs and brass lighting.

Either way, don’t let this rule limit you if you feel your rooms could do with a stylish mix of metals.

interior-design-myths-mixing-metals interior-design-myths-mixing-metals-2 interior-design-myths-mixing-metals-3 interior-design-myths-mixing-metals-4

Myth #3 – Decorate with Neutrals for Maximum Resale Value

Unless you are intending to sell your home in the next 6-12 months, then you should be decorating it for you – not for some future tenant.  So forget painting your home in ‘magnolia’ and flick to the back of that colour catalogue. You are living in your home right now, stop imaginary decorating for some future imaginary person and decorate for you.

You spend so much of your time in your home – why go bland when you could go beautiful?

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Myth #4 – You Need A Big Budget to Get Big Style

This is what people say when they can’t think outside the box, or go by the prices they see in expensive lifestyle magazines. Get creative with your decorating and keep checking on deals with your local furniture shop – that’s all that’s needed to create wonderfully big and stylish interiors.

Look out for odd pieces such as our vintage or urban chic range, add striking accessories, mix and match to transform your interior.  This way, you’ll end up with pieces that are unique and personal to you, plus you haven’t broken the bank.

Remember, at LPC Furniture we have a range of furniture to suit any budget – plus there’s room to mix and match from our different styles. Our solid wood furniture, if looked after, will last a lifetime – now that’s saving money.

interior-design-myths-big-design interior-design-myths-big-design2 interior-design-myths-big-design-3 interior-design-myths-big-design-4

 Myth #5 – Your Furniture Should All Match

A long, long time ago, a matching set of furniture was seen as a symbol of extravagance and lavish, fashionable taste. Thankfully, ‘the times, they are a-changin’ as progressively people are starting to realise that their home is their own and trends change and spin off in all directions, leaving everyone to decide for themselves how much of their furniture need match. You can go for an interesting look by collecting pieces in diverse styles to craft a unique look all your own, or have the staple furniture match, but throw in odd cushions and throws, with bright rugs and eye-catching accessories.

The trick to mixing and matching furniture lies in finding harmonies among your pieces in their shape or style or tying things together with a similar colour palette.  Of course, there really are no rules, (just to make that clear for the umpteenth time!) just take our best advice – make sure you love the pieces you buy – if you do, you can always make it work and you will always be surrounded by décor you truly love.


images-interior-design-myths-solid-wood-furniture interior-design-myths-solid-wood-furniture

These 5 interior design myths have been debunked to help prevent you from making your home décor look less stuffy and far more unique to you. We hope that by dispelling these interior design myths you will realise that breaking obstructive rules can actually lead to an incredibly interesting and vibrant home!