100% Made In Britain: Love Luxury? Love Tetrad’s Harris Tweed Collection

Made in Britain, 100% Made In Britain: Love Luxury? Love Tetrad’s Harris Tweed Collection

At LPC we are proud that 99% of our Pine and 100% of our bespoke oak is Made In Britain. As you may already know, LPC are an independent local company – we are not bound by a distant head office. This means there is no one to tell us what we can and cannot sell.

For this very reason, we are able to listen to our customers and provide the products we know you’ll love. In this case Tetrad’s Harris Tweed collection – it was a no brainer. You wanted more Made In Britain furniture, and we wanted to add a new range of fine upholstery. Well, this collection radiates exceptional craftsmanship and boasts a stamp of approval for being 100% British made!

By law all Harris Tweed must be produced in the Outer Hebrides and nowhere else. The Harris Tweed Act 1993 enshrines in law that every meter of Harris Tweed will conform to exacting standards and adhere to the legal definition of Harris Tweed. Where you see the Orb Mark, you are guaranteed the cloth is authentically produced in the Outer Hebrides as outlined by the Act.

Tetrad was formed over 45 years ago in the Lancashire town of Preston. It began life as a small craft workshop, and has grown into a well known and trusted British brand, which produces beautiful furniture that offers timeless elegance and supreme comfort. Famed for originating the shabby chic look of washable covers, Tetrad continues to maintain an excellent reputation for producing stylish sofas and chairs to the highest specifications.

It took two great British companies to join forces to create this exciting collection, and we’re sure glad they did. See Tetrad’s Harris Tweed Collection showcased at our Morecambe store. LPC know it’s safe to say Tetrad has continued to maintain its enviable reputation for developing innovative upholstery, combining traditional sophistication with absolute comfort.

Love Luxury? Love Tetrad’s Harris Tweed Collection.