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Lancashire Pine

Canadian Yellow PineOver 99% of our Lancashire Pine range is hand crafted in Britain from Canadian Yellow Pine, to our exclusive Lancashire Pine Furniture Company Ltd. design.

Canadian Yellow Pine or Quebec yellow (confusingly known as Eastern White Pine when imported from Northern states of the USA) comes from the tree Pinus Strobus. In the UK it is also known as Weymouth Pine, named after George Weymouth who brought it to England in 1620.

Whatever the preferred name, this Pinus Strobus is characterized by fascicles of 5 fine needles with a non-persistent bundle sheath. It is recognised as having the advantages over other pines for its stability as well as known for being highly stable. Compared with other pines, the Pinus Strobus flaunts fewer knots and less resin, and is a softer, more even textured timber, making easy work for our crafters, yet marking itself as a beauty to behold.

The native range of  the Eastern White Pine stretches from south-eastern Manitoba to Newfoundland in Canada, following to Minnesota, Iowa, Maine, Pennsylvania, and fairly common among parts of south Appalachian to Tennessee and Georgia. A few isolated occurrences also appear within western Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. The Pinus Strobus species has become fairly common, spreading its seeds to portions of Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

The Pinus Strobus is the provincial tree of Ontario in Canada as well as having the honour of being the tallest tree in Eastern North America – there have been reports of the pine tree to have grown as tall as 70m (230ft).  It was also notably one of the dominant forest giants to greet the first English settlers.

At Lancashire Pine we believe that it’s our duty to obtain our pine wood through sustainable and environmentally friendly ways, preserving the Pinus Strobus tree for future generations to come. That’s why we make sure all our solid pine and oak is FSC approved and subjected to timber batch certification checks.


We have an extensive collection of solid pine furniture, find the perfect range of solid pine furniture for your home:

Bergen Painted and modern. Can be finished in a variety of colours.

Brooklyn Contemporary and sleek. Perfect for the modern home.

Cotswold Popular, classic design. Popular for a classic reasons.

Natural PineClassic and traditional. Time-honoured style.

Plank Rustic and charming. Bring cottage charm into your home.

Victorian Traditional and sleek. Stylish design for the classic home.

Westmorland Stylish and elegant. Beautifully sleek and sophisticated.