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Lancashire Oak

Lancashire Oak- Quercus albaAll of our Lancashire Oak Range is crafted from the North American White Oak, or Quercus alba to go by its binomial name.

North American Oak originates mainly from the east coast of the USA, from New York to Georgia. This Eastern North American wood is a long lived oak of the family Fagaceae. Some of the oldest specimens of this species have been documented to be over 450 years old!

Oak taxonomy can be complex because oaks crossbreed so willingly with other oaks. This makes classification somewhat tricky. However, it’s estimated that there are more than 58 species of native oaks (see source) in North America, including our Lancashire Oak of choice, Quercus alba.

Quercus alba, despite known as and called a ‘white oak’, is ordinarily never white. To come across a single specimen with white bark would be an unusual event. Typically the colour is more of a light grey, varying to dark grey.

The North American White Oak, the symbol for the state of Maryland, is easily the finest hardwood of North American and is one of the most striking and remarkable trees to behold. It is an extremely versatile, straight grained solid wood, widely used for interior joinery, furniture and flooring. White oak has tyloses which gives the wood a closed cellular structure, making it water-resistant. Subsequently, it resists leaking which is why it’s used predominately for barrels of wine and whiskey production.

At LPC we believe that it’s our duty to obtain our Oak through green and environmentally sustainable ways, protecting the Quercus alba for future generations to come. That’s why we make sure all our solid pine and oak is FSC approved and subjected to timber batch certification checks.



We have an extensive collection of solid oak furniture; find the perfect range of solid oak furniture for your home:

BorwickSleek and modern. So popular we expanded the range.

CottageTraditional and charming. Handsomely designed for the classic home.

CountryContemporary elegance. Bring country charm into your home.

FrenchElegant and sophisticated. Beautifully graceful, admired by many.

ManhattanWholesome and contemporary. Keeping it fresh and current.

NaturalPopular, modern design. Naturally, a best-seller for a reason.

Natural ChunkyChunkier and modern. Perfect for the modern home.

Natural RusticRustic and chic. For those who love rural style.

OdinTraditional and stylish. Time-honoured classic.

Seattle – Charming and handsome. Splendid craftsmanship, beautifully designed.