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Cumbria Oak

Cumbria OakAbout Cumbria Oak

All of our Cumbria Oak is constructed from North American White Oak, also known as Quercus alba, which is its binomial name. Our white oak, the Quercus alba, is rarely ever white.  In fact, the ‘white oak’ is more of a shade of grey, varying from light to dark.

Our Cumbria Oak is an extremely versatile, straight grained solid wood. These characteristics are why it’s predominately used for interior joinery, furniture and flooring.



We believe it’s our responsibility to acquire solid wood for our Cumbria oak furniture through environmentally sustainable ways. LPC knows that by protecting the wildlife and forestry, we can continue to enjoy its benefits indefinitely.

That’s why we make sure our Cumbria oak (and pine) is approved and subjected to timber batch certification checks.



Established in 1988, we have been supplying solid oak furniture throughout Lancashire and Cumbria for 25 years. We have furniture shops in Lancaster and Kendal, supported by our massive furniture showroom warehouse in Morecambe.

Visit Kendal for your nearest show room to see our solid wood furniture for yourself, or order online for exclusive deals.



You’ll be glad to hear we deliver to Cumbria free of charge on orders over £500.

For orders less than £500, a straight £20 fee applies.