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10 reasons LPC love Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed Board

10 reasons LPC love Harris Tweed

Did you know Harris Tweed is the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament?  By law all Harris Tweed must be produced in the Outer Hebrides and nowhere else. And did you know Harris Tweed is the only handwoven fabric produced in commercial quantities? Well, whether you’re a Harris novice or a Tweed expert, here are the top 10 reasons why you ought to be a Harris Tweed devote:

  1. The Harris Tweed Act: Harris Tweed is the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament. Authentic Harris Tweed is issued with the Harris Tweed Orb Mark, the United Kingdom’s oldest registered trademark, after inspection by the Harris Tweed Authority, the industry’s governing body.
  2. History: For well over a century Harris Tweed has been woven with skill and care by crofters in their own homes just as it is today. All this from the crofts and mills of our tiny Scottish islands on the edge of the Atlantic. These skills are passed down from generation to generation of the island’s community with pride.
  3. Indigenous: The act or parliament underpins the unique status of Harris Tweed and decrees that genuine Harris Tweed must be made from pure virgin wool which has been dyed and spun on the islands and hand woven at the home of the weaver in the Outer Herbrides of Scotland.
  4. Comfort: The old image of coarse, scratchy, dour tweed simply does not exist with Harris Tweed, instead the tweed is washed, beaten and pressed to ensure no itchiness, simply the smoothest of weave to ensure  perfect comfort whilst curling up in front of a fireplace.
  5. Provenance: Made of 100% Pure New Wool but unusually our wool is dyed before being spun, allowing us to blend a multitude of colours into our yarn. With each thread containing a myriad of different colours a cloth of great depth and complexity is produced. Just look closely to reveal the true nature of your Harris Tweed
  6. Practicality: Enduringly stylish yet resilient, Harris Tweed is warm in winter and cool in summer. It cleans easily, resists water and wear and tear with ease, and can be repaired with the simplest of tools.
  7. Longevity: Harris Tweed stands the test of time, in longevity, value and fashion. The cloth never goes out of style and simply gets better with age.
  8. Artisanal: Harris Tweed is the only handwoven fabric produced in commercial quantities. Woven on treadle powered looms, Harris Tweed is crafted by hand without the aid of automation or electricity. Weaver’s skills take months to learn and years to master and every step of the Harris Tweed process is in the hands of skilled islanders, from dyeing to delivery.
  9. Beauty: The rare character and beauty of Harris Tweed is attributable to the yarn production process which uses specially blended yarns to produce secret recipes and then warped up to exclusive designs by traditional methods not used anywhere else in the world.  Heathers, mosses, lochs, mountains and sky, all entwined to make hundreds of distinctive patterns developed over the centuries, each unique but unmistakably Harris Tweed with its characteristic subtle designs in complex natural shades.
  10. Style: Harris Tweed is embraced by the world, always rising above fad and fashion. From royalty to Hollywood icons, this humble cloth, became a wardrobe staple, a must-have item for discerning customers across the globe. In its rise to prominence, Harris Tweed scaled Everest and graced the Silver Screen, sailed the Seven Seas and showed off on red carpets and catwalks. Of course Harris Tweed is not just restricted to catwalks – five star hotels are also enjoying that rare mix of luxury and style that only Harris Tweed can bring.

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